1. Damn bro... we gotta watch the health. For those out there, im 48, been doing this since i was 15. I had a mild stroke back in October '22. Took me out for about a month, but I was scared I wouldn't be able to talk properly or move my hands, let alone DJ.

  2. Brother Fox. I'm so glad that you're okay. I was actually wondering where tou and Alex have been. Are you back to playing? Are you limited? How's your BP health and prognosis? Hit me directly. Man I'm so glad that you're okay

  3. damn. shouts out to your vulnerability to just say it. moderation & balance is key indeed. just like the world is moving towards shorter work weeks, DJs need to also adopt kinder practices for ourselves… a lot of y’all have already started, but i mean hey it’s not the 90s anymore & maybe that’s a good thing. i’m glad clubs/groups have stuff like narcan training & other grassroots emergency responses. also i mean what would happen if every DJ gig had catered mediterranean food (dolmas, falafel, pita, tzatziki, etc) like how mad would anybody be

  4. I legit cried a few times recalling the feelings and thoughts that I had during and after the experience. Yhe whole team no sleep and I'll be busy until I die culture needs to stop.

  5. I use Shure 535 for djing and 846's for general listening

  6. I have GAS, but it's all for production gear. It's bad... real bad.

  7. Yeah. I forced myself to stop that... plugins were expensive... but tlhardware is a new house down payment

  8. Hey Yoshi! First off, you're the GOAT. #2, I did this once and spoke Spanish. They busted out Google Translate on me. Uggggggh!

  9. I actually don't even use the cue button so the size doesn't affect my workflow

  10. How do you feel about the non motorized platters?

  11. Good lord!!!! I need to step my cookout game up

  12. 24-70gm is my everyday 20mm G for video, streaming and YouTube content 35mm GM for lightweight city Walk 55mm Zeiss for portraits and some video work 85mm G for headshots and some video work 70-200GM for sports and animals.... also great for portraits 100-400GM for sports and animals

  13. It's hardware controlled but refined 8n the firmware portion.... you calibrate it but adjust the curve manually

  14. This is the answer I was looking for. Thanks guys x

  15. BOTH. have a backup plan as a few songs you can string together if you get thrown off tilt... but freestyle the rest

  16. You’re posing with equipment for nothing more than marketing dollars. We want to hear your music and views. Not see you posing with gear (while also wearing a branded T shirt) solely for remuneration (and I say this as a fan with serious respect for your body of work). It feels unbelievably transactional.

  17. It was a picture from rane release day. This picture was taken in post after the launch of the product and post youtube unboxing.... If you tune into my actual livestreams where I'm using the product, I'm critical of some things that I don't like or can be Improved. I take notes and send the videos back to R&D.

  18. Dude I get it we all have to hustle and pay bills. Why shouldn’t you leverage your reputation?

  19. I'm not attempting to be argumentative, and it's not charity. The R&D team at Rane asked for my opinion on the gear because I've always told them that a 4 channel would do really well. So I was a part of testing and Launch. But I'm also entitled to my opinion. There are portions of the srt that I love. A little of the rev 7 that I really like. I'm definitely not trying to brag... again, after all the time spent on testing, notating, etc, I was happy for launch day to have come and the reception from my portion of the show to have went well.

  20. You can gig as often as you'd like! It's okay to be a hobbyist and not be all in professionally

  21. The right # means how many offers they've received from LIV Golf

  22. Resolve is pretty good. Would do everything you need it to do.... limited freeware, but a good starting point.

  23. F100L is what comes from Rane for both the 72mk2 and Rane Four... After fully cleaning with the alcohol solution, make sure you put 2 or 3 drops only on each rail. That's all you need. If you want to clean out the edges of the fader, slap it with some compressed air.

  24. Focusing elements. They lock in when powered on. If they still sound line Pringles when the cam is on, that's some trouble

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