Travis McMichael sentenced to life in prison for federal hate crimes in killing of Ahmaud Arbery


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US police charged over death of Breonna Taylor

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Now VS Then [OC]

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  1. Very stable genius's in that bunch, but not smart enough to realize the DHS is monitoring them now.


  3. Sure there was a post shared a few days ago for Assasins Creed Odyssey and how the Greeks were Christians and therefore didn't partake in the sinfulness that was homosexuality and that the game was completely historically uncorrect and terrible as a result. It was pretty funny because anyone who has even remotely studied ancient Greece knows their proclivity for all kinds of sexual relationships, but it also highlights some of the dumbassery that I was talking about.

  4. If people dislike those games for pandering based on the current social climate, then I don't see a problem. Personally, I avoid those games because money speaks and eventually they'll move on to the next fad. Love older games that don't have a speck of bullshit from HR/corporate to align with social justice quotas.

  5. Maybe if you're rich. Most people aren't paying for that.

  6. even if it's artificial... it's intelligent enough to recognize the creeper vibes of the zuckerborg.

  7. Intelligent enough to be manipulated by trolls, lol.

  8. I hope you’re right. Who you think they gonna charge first?

  9. You'll look back in decades when someone shows you your comment history and be like "Heh, good times." Wackjob.

  10. You’re right I am a complete lunatic, I have little control of my verbal outbursts directed towards whoever I think is a partisan enemy. I admit my life experiences have radicalized me against the GOP. I hope I can look back in decades knowing I didn’t hold back against those cornfed Christian fundamentalist sMalL gOvErnMenT nationalists. I don’t call for violence and don’t plan on it, whereas conservatives preach that shit!

  11. If u don't post within 164 hrs and 21 minutes of your previous post then your vital capacity is classified.

  12. It's a huge problem that we allow our prisons to be so dangerous - beatings, rapes and murders. We really need to improve the conditions in prison.

  13. Why what? They werent mercs, mercs get paid.

  14. And you know they haven't been paid?... It doesn't matter what you think. Russia sees them as mercs. Go to Russia with some hash oil in your pocket if you wanna debate it with Putin.

  15. By whom? Kentucky refused to charge them. Or did they finally get their heads out of their asses?

  16. I remember a lot of blame going to the judge for issuing the warrant originally. That shit is out the window if a cop lied.

  17. As intended, public ed about to be AI driven in 2 decades.

  18. It's funny so many people upvoted it.

  19. I assume it's for stamina training while using the kit.

  20. conservatives stop at nothing to drag reputations through the mud. They re-invent history of the new deal and are now making up lies about FDRs wife too? do you people have no shame left in those little unused brains?

  21. You think only conservatives do that? Says alot about you than anything else.

  22. If you forbid crazy idiots to get their hands on (semi-auto) guns then “normal” people also don’t have to carry guns. So it’s beter just to ban guns for public, just allow sporting, hunting and police/army to carry guns.

  23. According to that article, a bystander reportedly shot and killed the shooter.

  24. Lol, wtf? Delete this narrative... now!

  25. At least delete some of your posts once in a while, you look like a silly little subversion bot. Oh? You didn't expect to be used as evidence, weirddd (2 years+). What country do you reside in?

  26. Yes, but dogs don't have races. This is my feeble attempt at humor.

  27. Humor is a no go nowadays on reddit.

  28. Dont u think it's weird half ur posts involve your obsession with skin color. Maybe u should take a step back? Loser, hehaha

  29. Right. We all know the problem is too many doors, lack of God in school, the wrong books in libraries, trans people, video games, music, mental healthcare, Auntie Fa, BLM, Democrats, migrant hoards, the color green, windmills, Jewish Space Lasers, gays, electric cars, Hugo Chavez, the Deep State, the FBI, arugula, avocado toast, Dr Suess, Mr Rogers, cancel culture, Yeti coolers, Keurig, Starbucks holiday cups, flags with more than four colors, democracy, anything containing soy, science, equal rights, abortion, Goodyear tires, the part of the first amendment that allows for a free press, and mail in voting.

  30. Certainly not the crazies being pumped out today in greater amounts than ever, right?

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