1. Municipal Waste. Someone set off a fire extinguisher in the middle of the set and the band kept playing on the inside stage. People were setting off firecrackers, skateboarding, and throwing water balloons amidst the chaos.

  2. The larger speckled egg is from a Brown-headed Cowbird. They are brood parasites that lay their eggs in other species nests. In anticipation of the potential question, no, you should not remove the cowbird egg or otherwise interfere.

  3. Also, brown-headed cowbirds use the mafia tactic of parasitism. If the cowbird egg is removed they may destroy the host's eggs for not cooperating.

  4. what if you replace the egg with a dummy cowbird egg that will never hatch

  5. Are you speaking from experience? I'm asking because I, too, am ready for the snip. I have lightly researched Dr. Kavoussi in the past and am impressed. I had a vasectomy consultation with a Dr in Round Rock while I was test driving PCPs, but I didn't really like his attitude towards it despite it being part of his practice.

  6. Also speaking from experience, he's excellent. Got mine three months ago and found him to be kind, professional, and comforting during the procedure.

  7. Fun fact: the gator featured in Lake Placid lives(d?) in Colorado at a gator sanctuary and has been in several movies including Happy Gilmore.

  8. From another post the fence was new and apparently one got stuck and the others came to look and also got stuck

  9. This behavior in birds/animals is where the term "stool pigeon" originates. A pigeon would be tethered to a stool and it's distress call would attract other pigeons which would then meet whichever fate the humans waiting for them had intended.

  10. Blame RBG for not retiring earlier if you want to see heads spin.

  11. When your rights are stripped away, getting tsk tsk'ed at will, I'm sorry to say, be the least of your worries. Voting may be inconvenient, but so is living for arbitrarily long with the results of not voting when others did. And yeah, this is Texas. Assuming you're not a right-winger, we'll always be fighting uphill, or at least for the foreseeable future. Inconvenient voting locations and times, other forms of voting restriction, gerrymandering to dilute our power. And yes, the solution is for more people to vote, inconvenient or not.

  12. I hope that you are this supportive about the destruction of property when the time comes. Authoritarianism will not be voted away.

  13. Leave the dude alone ugh report these posts and make em stop

  14. Seriously, now that it's known that it's his house this is an invasion of privacy.

  15. True, had to see what kind of person would have the gall to shit on SRV though.

  16. The only people that like SRV are boomers and people too racist to enjoy Jimi Hendrix

  17. There's much more than that, there's papa William Morris Moody Jr., mama Mary Moody Northern, and the kids, William, Shearn. Mary, and Libbie.

  18. I don’t know who that is but from the outside both Nazis and metal heads love some Norse and quasi occult imagery

  19. It's a whole genre of bonehead metal that worships the last two things you mentioned but they blame the Jewish people for starting Christianity which then overtook ancient religions. Then there are also some Norse folk who hate that Nazi shit for co-opting their religious symbology.

  20. Leave your kids at home. Do not underestimate the level of brutality that law enforcement officers are capable of.

  21. These rallies are some of the safest I've seen. From SB8 in 2013 to the recent Women's March in October, they are full of strictly non-violent protesters with permits. This isn't the summer of 2020 where law enforcement was being directly challenged by amorphous groups with varying degrees of pacifism to militancy. You're just going to see a bunch of liberals, progressives, and leftists chanting, talking, and holding signs as usual.

  22. As someone who followed APDs actions very closely DO NOT. BRING. YOUR. KIDS. There could be multiple demonstrations going on near you or far from you. You have no idea which ones APD wants to destroy, beat the shit out of, turn on their sound laser that can permanently damage hearing even if they think the stardard protest you are at is to be left alone. Trump rally is just a 15 minutes away at the Austin convention center, just a walk away from the capitol where the. "General public" protest will be at, is going to make tensions spike. Both DPS and APD are going to have all their fuckery gear on and ready.

  23. I also follow these protests/APD action and the point that is being missed here is that there is a difference in the types of protests that are being referenced to cause alarm. APD will use the smallest infraction to arrest someone which is why permitted and unpermitted marches will have drastic differences for potential police violence. For that reason, it can be said that APD will be more likely to target any protesters going outside of the permitted time and space given. Their focus will also target any group that is willing to be confrontational with the police. Their sole focus is maintaining their illusion of control.

  24. Botanist Tony Santoro has a ruler on his finger to measure plants. It's very handy

  25. There is an inflatable slide and spinning ride set up there right now. I hope those kids expand their vocabulary because of this

  26. They drain it every Thursday. It is fed by big springs under the diving board. Huge aquifer. Of course, water is in high demand in Austin, but so far it has been a pretty wet year.

  27. Not only do they drain it but they scrub it with toothbrushes and shoo the gator out if it has returned.

  28. TIL bluebonnets have seed pods like green beans.

  29. I don't have insurance, went to Dr.Kavoussi of Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. Cost about $880 in the end, not much cheaper anywhere else.

  30. Good point. I'm just concerned it's not enough for what we're up against.

  31. Same. I think that the supreme court will make their decision regardless of protests. Unless the conservative justices meet an early demise, we're fucked. Even with this in mind I'm still not going to sit by quietly. At this point, networks of mutual aid are the best thing that will come from this protest movement.

  32. Clarence Thomas had a close call recently but not close enough.

  33. I just wanted to leave a comment before someone calls me a piece of shit because I voted for Prop B. Free reign to camp anywhere you wanted was just not sustainable with the "tent cities" growing larger and more dangerous

  34. You're not a piece of shit, you're just shortsighted and dumb to think prop B meant anything proactive

  35. I worked for tnc years ago. I found it to be a dream job at the time but I would not go back to them after having learned more about how they operate. I can't unsee them as a sink for tax breaks for the people contributing most to climate change. On a personal level, they had issues with sexual harassment where I worked which led to me to wanting to leave after having lost a lot of respect for abusive coworkers. Goddamn if I still don't dream about working at their Palmyra station though.

  36. I go for the toilet. Whenever I'm traveling it's the one place that I know will have a decent place to poop. It's a Wal-Mart parking lot for buttholes.

  37. Right? First he said they were 10.50, but if you get 4 of them the price goes up to 13? What the fuck? I think OP was on soMe drugs. Most has awesome sound. Perhaps he had a duck or 2 in his ear or maybe the sounds guy was just off.

  38. Hell yeah I was on drugs, I was at a Ween show. Multiple people in my group (not on drugs) confirmed the sound anomaly.

  39. You haven't read the other comments, got it 🌬️🍆

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