AITA for using flash cards to explain to my brother and his wife why they can't bring their rainbow baby to my wedding?

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  1. My fiancée’s first OB visit for us to go as well as we hope. 37 (both of us) and our first after many, many months of trying. Fingers crossed, Reddit. You guys know before most of the people in my life.

  2. Holy shit I have a crazy ex named Connie too and she also sucked everyone's dicks.

  3. Yeah, I'll just ask the guy at Best Buy to let me open the package and charge the ear buds for 20 mins and then listen to a 5 min song and then decide I don't like the way they sound and give them back to the guy at Best Buy.

  4. I think the defense of Islam in the face of this is the worst part.

  5. Yes. Perfect to “break up”…it’s been three weeks. People have boundaries.

  6. Of course she has the right to break up with anyone for any reason or no reason.

  7. You’re assuming he made a dumb joke and wasn’t serious.

  8. I suppose so. Shouldn't OP ask what he meant by that comment instead of assuming the worst?

  9. You just gotta live like you know they'd want. I bet your parents wouldn't want you to spend your life being sad about losing them. So the best way to honor them and what they meant to you is to keep enjoying a full, happy life.

  10. Those ingredients don't look bad at all. Apple extract??? Is that supposed to be a scary long word?

  11. Having a child free wedding and standing by that isn't what makes OP an AH. The flash card stunt is archetype AH behavior tho.

  12. Look what sub he's on. This is an acceptable thing.

  13. Somewhere on the Internet. I had it once but misplaced it. If only I could search the Internet.

  14. seriously can residents do anything about this? is there an agency you can report to?

  15. Washing machines aren't even offered in many apartments. In my apartments, we have to go to a separate laundromat to do our laundry.

  16. He did do the nasty in the pasty.

  17. Yes, all the time, yes. Everyone. All the people you'd assume I'd never think of. I think there is something seriously wrong with me because I'm not supposed to be attracted to these people and I am.

  18. I’ll say Worf. But im biased. TNG will always be special to me. Wasn’t the first Star Trek i saw But it was the one that made me a fan. That’s was the one where I truly understood the vision of a better future.

  19. I don't remember him kicking ass in TNG tho. I'm serious, like what's an example of TNG Worf being a legit badass and kicking butt?

  20. In the end I think his attitude and moral in TNG was great. “legit badass” I don’t know. I don’t know what that means. Seems like something subjective. But I guess you mean being violent? Killing and beating other peopled up? Worf killed Duras in TNG Is that a valid example?

  21. Well, like, in DS9 when he's forced to fight Jem Hadar for days on end, he keeps fighting, never backing down and kicking ass til the end.

  22. This is why religion is dangerous. This is why critical thinking is important.

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