1. I'll raise you this. When the fuck is Big Air Force?

  2. I’ll do you one better. Why the fuck is Big Air Force?

  3. The proton is stronger than the infinite due to the cover stock but for the most part they have similar reactions. You’re better off getting something different to compliment your proton.

  4. I'm pretty sure the retainability is so you have time while on active duty to go to all the follow-up appointments. I got it done years ago and I had a few follow-on appointments afterwards but I can't remember how long after the surgery the last one was.

  5. It’s a full year. One at a week, 2 weeks, one month, 3 months, 6 months, and the 12 month mark.

  6. Yeah man, a lot of people are capable of coaching even if you yourself aren’t that good. I was able to help out a guy in my league even though we both bowl around the same average which is around yours. For me, I’ve researched enough to know what needs to be done and what somebody should be doing but I have a hard time actually implementing it into my own game.

  7. As maintenance, there is no rank amongst airmen. What matters is actual work knowledge. If you want to put this dude in his place, then work circles around him. Bust your ass and get put on all the good tasks. If you really wanna be petty, get in your GS and know that shit like the back of your hand. Grill him on the GS, and make him feel stupid in front of everybody. Show everybody this dude doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does.

  8. So I’ve had this happen to me before. They spoof the legit USAA number which makes you think it’s them when you answer. You have to really pay attention to the questions they ask.

  9. A team of young mechanical players that we don’t know exist vs Seikoo, Vatira, Monkeymoon

  10. I think it’s spicier that you think extra would get dropped for Vatira over a new team of young mechanical players coming out the wood works lol

  11. So I bowled in a 3 person 10 week summer league and it was my first league and one of my buddies let me use his phase 3. Drilled to his hand and I couldn’t use the thumb hole because my thumb is bigger than his, I bowled all ten weeks two handed without using my thumb. I ended up averaging 130.

  12. Which is why I said “if the rules say it’s not legal, then I’ll make myself legal…”

  13. If you’re an instructor, it’s a hard no. If your just permanent party stationed at that base, who typically does not have interactions with tech school students on a day to day basis, your best bet would be to ask your supervisor or flight chief.

  14. Dappur was crazy talented back in the day.

  15. Thank you for the advice. I was more looking into a new ball because both of mine are drilled for one handed (bc I throw spares 1 handed), while I am better at 2 handed for striking at this point. Constancy is something I am working on, As a matter of fact, I got a 226 recently (my 2nd ever 200+)! I find that my phaze 4 hooks really far down the lane, and sometimes goes into the right gutter before it hooks, but If I move right at my feet and throw more straight, It hits way to the left of the head pin. Is there any way to fix this? Also, where can I learn about ball layouts and how they are different? I’ve looked at youtube videos, but they all seem to require some prior knowledge about something or another. Thank you!

  16. It’s all about being consistent with your approach and release. If your approach and release is the same every time, you let the ball do the work and just hit your mark. Start right, and move left while still aiming at the same mark. It’s all small adjustments. If you are standing on the 15 mark and aiming for ten to play a bit straight, but it still hooks to much, now move to the 17 and still aim for 10.

  17. That's what I'm saying. Talk shit back. Honestly tech school is fucking ground hogs day with different characters. It's probably still happening now.

  18. It still comes and goes. I don’t think ammo has the IYAAYAS chant at the school house anymore, I hear them yelling “AMMO! AMMO! AMMO!” Every morning. I never hear the other one.

  19. My hustle USA works pretty good at that speed as a 2 hander.

  20. G2 vs PSG, dreamhack. And G2 vs gale force esports, e league, c9 vs team envy, e league( right after s6 worlds and c9 looked like they were on there bullshit again but team envy looked better) G2 vs the peeps, dreamhack.

  21. Had an airman who got to base with the traditional meme 2016 mustang, v6 20+% interest, cut the exhaust off. Claimed to have the fastest mustang the west side of the Mississippi.

  22. Oh he definitely did. He was only in for around 18 months. Still a lot longer than he should have been.

  23. PROmote app all the way. Such a more convenient way to study and I found myself actually studying more when using it. It’s how I made staff and tech.

  24. BDS didn’t pick up Extra and become dominant until after they played a season iirc

  25. BDS qualified through the rival series in season 9, meanwhile Extra was on AS Monaco which was arguably the worst team to play in the RLCS, and was relegated down to the rival series and then the format changed in season X and extra was picked up by BDS and replaced ClayX

  26. monaco was nowhere near the worst team to play, we've had xxsettodestroyxx, team secret and way more that were much worse imo

  27. I wasn’t here to argue the logistics of AS Monaco. That was the whole point of me saying arguably. I only commented here to clarify that bds didn’t play a season in the RLCS before picking up extra and dominating the European region in RLCS X.

  28. What a weird post. It basically boils down to a diamond 1 who got carried one day to champ 1 one day realizing that they aren’t good enough to carry at plat…. Then proceeds to blame the community that is the reason they can’t win at a lower rank.

  29. Yeah and if he had legitimate “game sense for rotations and the things that actually matter”, he’d be able to play around plats easily, this post screams I’m ball chasing and leaving my plat team mate in positions they’re not experienced enough to handle.

  30. If you really want to drop your casual MMR, all casual lobbies are connected, play 1s and forfeit and repeat.

  31. 31 and hovering mainly around mid champ 3. The grind is impossible when I barely get 2-4 hours a week with kids, school and work but I make it work somehow.

  32. Lately I’ve been dominus again but when I want an octane hit box, I find myself leaning towards the dingo, with all the sharp corners, it’s very easy to tell where the hit box is and you can get some insane power and I also feel like flicks are so much easier to land, probably all placebo but that’s how I feel. It goes dingo, fennec, octane for me.

  33. Maybe check your FPS lock, my account reverted to only 30 fps awhile back and I had to go back in and change it back to 144

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