1. Well I know one deck i won't be playing 'cause they ban it every event:

  2. I don't use them so far. Only control groups which already is a huge help. I kept losing my scout and it also makes managing the army easier if you assign your frontline, siege and ranged units seperately to put them in a formation to protect the siege units.

  3. I probably will go for console straight up because this game sadly has no crossplay option and I kinda have to vague between like one PC friend to play this with vs roughly 5 on console.

  4. Wow. for like once in my lifetime of this game I actually agree with the patch notes.

  5. Nur aus Interesse: Schreibst du die ganzen Sonderzeichen dann mit Strg + Alt? Also z.B. Strg + Alt + q für das @-Zeichen? Kann man machen, aber mir persönlich wär das zu umständlich, obwohl das in diesem Fall sogar eine der wenigen Kombinationen wäre, bei denens mit einer Hand ginge. Backslash und die ganzen Klammern wird da schon schwerer. Ein Horror beim Programmieren.

  6. I don't get it. You can play as slow as you want, but you will be worse than someone who can play faster than you. That's just how they work. Everyone is doing the same stuff more or less, but some people can do it way faster and more efficiently than you. RTS are just about efficiency and multitasking. Sounds like you just want a simplified game. Maybe try that Dune 4x/RTS hybrid. It's super slow.

  7. Well, the game is already slow af, so walls just make it worse. Go watch some

  8. Well I know that Age is already slower than Starcraft. I played both games. And I like Age of empires for it being slower and hope it stays like that in these regards

  9. I would be so bold to say that the only Toxic thing about Mathmech is how overdesigned Circular is.

  10. Ich komme zwar aus Deutschland aber ich würde mal behaupten das viele Länder besseres Internet haben als wir.

  11. Spontan würde mir Lucius Malfoy oder direkt Voldemort einfallen?

  12. Even with my level 22 ( which at this point pretty much is low level i guess ) I feel bad for this. And i am pretty much on the level of a inexperienced rat that barely finds joy in this game.

  13. If you are looking for a very poke heavy ADC like Sivr was back in session 12, I am kind of lost as to one that has the same play style right now, but i would try Varus.

  14. Well, what I loved about it was the safety it was giving you to throw your Q in like every 3-4 seconds and delete squishies with it.

  15. Me too. I really liked lethality Sivr..she was a great safe pick who could always fall back on "stay back and poke, Shield defenseivly to stay alive". Also, her 'poke assassin' feel was really unique and a design space that I do not think anyone else fills right now.

  16. Dunno, personally the Sivir how she is now feels terrible to play. The scaling is kinda weird, the boomerang feels quite useless in comparison to the old Lethality one. With the higher spell shield cooldown she is also less safe to play.

  17. Of course people even in the reviews complain about Maxx C and Floodgates. By the heart of the cards, how pathetic can people be...

  18. I personally like Draven for what he is. A champ that can be somewhat hard to master but also kinda teaches you how kiting works and rewarding you for it if you can do it well.

  19. Of course he can. This was more about the case IF you don't play HAMP. Hamp legit gets rid of everything unless it's a card like Quintet Magician which says it can't be tributet.

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