1. Especially if your going for the achievement by not killing any fodder for health

  2. Nice! I’m working my way through Spyro 2 right now. Getting 120% on the first was a lot of fun

  3. I was assaulted (jumped and sucker punched) by a firefighter 4/9/09 and he was found guilty and paid me out 33k. So not all good, but 90%+ good guys.

  4. I know a firefighter who used to beat his wife and shot his neighbors dog for pooping in his yard. Hero’s at work, not always at home.

  5. Yea. And vice versa. One is a making a reasonable fear of physical violence violence, and another is the battery through physical contact.

  6. My work van has one of these. But the cab camera only tracks if my eyes aren’t on the road. So I wear pit vipers the whole time.

  7. Loosen the screws under the springs of your bridge. But then check your intonation(YouTube it)

  8. You’re right. My bad. When I set up my strat, I loosened truss rod and changed string height for the neck radius by adjusting the 2 tiny Allen key bolts on the saddle

  9. I’ve been taught that you need loose soil that is almost twice as deep as the wanted size of carrot. I till 24 inches down to expect 12-16 inch carrots

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