1. Encomienda yeah it's dead. The racial caste system still exist. You hear things like "indio cochino" and shit like that from some of the more wealthier members. People still refer to them as mestizo, sambo, criollo, and shit like that.

  2. No, my dude. Mestizo, sambo, chollo, and shit like that has nothing to do with working conditions. .

  3. true, but it need not be for surgical conditions to be lower than in an actual doctors office or operating room

  4. Just chalk it out as a "back alley abortion" and blame prolifers.

  5. I'm only scared of men in my elevator if they are talking in english.

  6. Me gusta el momento tipo minuto 10 de hablamos sin saber donde dicen que "todo el mundo tiene prepaga", cuando es solo el ~14% dela gente, y después se ponen a guitarrear qué es o no una obra social.

  7. y del punto central del video qué pensás? o sólo viniste a hacer alarde de tu habilidad de hablar pavadas y desviar el tema?

  8. I came here to note that President Snow was a villain in that series. Very fitting username.

  9. When even the villain tells you that's going too far, you should rethink your life choices

  10. Let them come. If history has taught us something, is that murder attempts on adults are ALWAYS met with violent self-defense from the victim.

  11. Listen to this fool trying to save face now that everything is coming to light. Fucker loves changing definitions to fit his narrative, a vaccine puts a weakened or dead virus into our bodies to develop immunity, mRNA teach cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response if someone gets infected.......but to this fucker they are the same. Now a fucking lab leak of a man made genetically modified virus is the same as a natural occurrence, I can't wait to see him go down. Fucking pure evil.

  12. entonces solo tengo para decir esto: te cabe por comprar basuta china.

  13. Mmm. No te creas. El made in China de ahora no es el misno q hace 20 años atras. Xiaomi tiene altas naves a buen precio. Igual me cabe por no comprar productos con el sticker de "hecho en tierra del fuego"

  14. No digo que sea basura por la calidad, sino por lo que implica comprar algo chino.

  15. Just ran in to this, i was so confused! Apparently it was a translation bit here.. pie and cake both translate to the same word in Dutch 🤷‍♀️

  16. Can confirm this bug is still in the game one year late in the spanish translation. Guy asked for a cake, I made a cake, but he won't take it.

  17. They also sometimes throw in "Yes it's true, but everyone already knew that anyway"

  18. This is the exact same as the narcissist playbook.

  19. Intent is a thing. But abortion is a medical procedure. Intent isn't part of the definition.

  20. Isn't there a link in the sidebar that actually disproves the "medical procedure" excuse?

  21. It's the difference between a child dying from something like cancer and a child dying from being poisoned by his mother.

  22. Don't bother, these people don't understand "intent" anymore.

  23. Back in the day, when I was a kid at 8, that was standard. The rule was, “Be back before dark.” Mind you, this was in the ‘70s. The ‘80s were pretty much the same for kids.

  24. Jajaja increíble como saltan a defender lo indefendible, la calle es tierra de nadie y si no salís con un fierro después de las 12 es un 50/50 en todo el conurbano. Ni uno más

  25. Yo no salgo con fierro, yo salgo con mi pastor aleman y "uy, estaba asustada, quise sacar el celular para dárselo y el perro se me soltó y lo mató a mordiscos"

  26. Uh, este es el boludo que produce Pergolinni y la troupe que auspicia a Paulina Cocina, la faraona y demás no?

  27. No sé, pero a qué viene todo eso?

  28. Es de la afip, no lo culpes por intentar engañarnos.

  29. I know someone who smoked heavily and I’m assuming still drank while she was pregnant. I told her she probably shouldn’t do that. She basically said my body my choice. 😑

  30. You can report the message to get back at whoever sent it to you.

  31. I can tell you how the age of consent would be handled: Parental prerogative. Very few parents would allow their kids to date adults, and those who did would face the scorn and rejection of their neighbors.

  32. So you're okay with Muslims marrying their nine year old daughters to their 50 year old friends?

  33. Not at all. It's a horrible culture created by an actual p3d0, caravan-raider guy with a sockpuppet imaginary friend.

  34. Ok, I'll make an exception and help you out because the question is interesting.

  35. you'll have to explain it for idiots like me.

  36. Neutrons decay with a half life of 15 minutes unless they are attached to protons in a nucleus.

  37. Because they're desperate. Desperate for this book to display any amount of "divinity".

  38. How would this display divinity in any way?

  39. It doesn't. But for believers, because of the claim that this book is the perfect inerrable word of a God. Therefore any coincidences found in the book that can in any way be tied to knowledge that was unknown 1400years ago, is obviously attributed to the "divinity" of the "holy book of Allah"

  40. ok, I'll be more direct: What's about those specific numbers that would prove the quran is divine?

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