1. Do you have the budget for cymbals and hardware? I actually started out on the Pearl Roadshow as it comes with a crash/ride and hi hats with hardware, which was all I could afford at the moment. Gives you something to hit on and practice, although not great cymbal-quality wise.

  2. Thanks for the info!! I’m on a pretty tight budget unfortunately, so I’m trying to find something that’s decent but at the same time not breaking the bank. I have looked at some used options, but I’ve done the math and it ends up being a lot more (guitar center used gear). So unless I find a really good used deal, I’ll probably end up with the Pearl or Tama. I know most of the complete kits comes with cheap cymbals, but I assume they’d be good enough to start off with until I save up for some nice cymbals.

  3. I see, I can attest that either one you choose you can't go wrong, but the Tama has a boom stand for the crash/ride instead of the straight stand, which will come handy later on. Honestly, go with whichever look inspires you.

  4. I think I’m probably leaning more towards the Tama, but I wanted to get the opinion of more experienced drummers so I appreciate your help!

  5. Yeah sure man. Go for it. It will have you smiling all day long as soon as you start playing. As you get better you will want to upgrade but this is far better than what I learnt on. 👌💪. You could always look Into second hand tho as you could get better shells, hardware and cymbals, but that takes a bit of knowledge and a lot of time to find the right deal. I say buy the Tama and have fun!

  6. I’m open to buying second hand! My only problem like you mentioned, is that I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for since drumming is farley new to me

  7. This is an entry level kit. It's meant to get you started. The drums are 6 ply poplar wood. Which is what low end drums are made of. The included cymbals will also be low end starter cymbals. The point is to use these to learn on, and then get something better.

  8. I plan on being an avid drummer once I get more practice under my belt. Would you recommend getting a kit that has everything in it to start out with and then upgrade or get a decent pack of shells and get the hardware/cymbals separately?

  9. I freaking love Trial by Fire and I’m struggling to understand why others don’t He stays in a good range and his vocals are excellent. Great rhythm/melody, heavy feeling, gritty.

  10. Same here!! This was probably my favorite single. I always have the main chorus stuck in my head, because it’s so catchy

  11. I am curious about this too. I haven’t ordered on yet

  12. Nothing really jumped off the page at me except for the grab bag which was sold out.

  13. Agreed. The grab bag looked intriguing but sold out. I wish they had posters from all of the M72 shows

  14. Tbh, I can see them going another 5-10 years. They look and sound better than ever currently

  15. I really love this song. If James ever had a solo album, this song would be perfect for it. I love the lyrics and you can tell it’s a really personal song for James. I think it’s one of Metallicas saddest songs.

  16. I don't think it's just my ears, but the production sounded a heck of a lot different on this track compared to Afterglow of Ragnarok. Bruce's vocals were a heck of a lot more prominent in the mix and the sound was overall a lot less full, which I personally liked a lot (as to me, Ragnarok is a bit murky and just too much)

  17. I picked up right away on this as far as the production goes. I was really surprised how much better it sounded compared to AOR. It sound more clean and less muddy. His vocals do remind me a lot of his mid 90s voice like you said. I also agree that this video was a ton better! It reminded me of the Universal Monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein. I still think I like AOR better, but I’m sure this one will grow on me more

  18. The 4:49 riff in Bleeding Me IMO. The one that starts the 2nd half of the song. So sludgy, so swampy.

  19. Black album era is my favorite! Love his lions mane. Then I’d say late 90s and then 72S

  20. His 72 haircut and eyes makes me happy. He looks happy and healthy.

  21. Few weeks now. When I got money up I changed the strings hoping that was it. But it's still there and seems to be getting worse. It's not a very expensive guitar, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it.

  22. If this has been happening since you got the guitar it could be a few things. The frets that it’s buzzing on may be unleveled compared to the rest, therefore you start to get the buzz. You could try adjusting the action on that string to see if that helps. I’d raise the action up a slight bit and see if that helps. If that doesn’t help, then one of the frets may not be level. A small amount of feet buzz is normal. I hope that sorta of helps!

  23. I have a pod go, (love it) here's my 2 cents. If you're going for a metal sound you may be using too much distortion. It feels right but can really make things muddy. Especially live. I tooled around and was pretty unhappy for a while until I got down to basics and started there. Dial up a Marshall (Brit 2204), get a nice heavy but somewhat crisp sound, and then throw a scream 808 in front of it. Start there and maybe add an LA comp after the cab and play around with it. YMMV.

  24. Great thank you for this! I’ll try this out and see what I can come up with. I’ve never used an effects board like this, so everything is completely new. Really appreciate it! I was wondering if maybe I had to much distortion going. I’ll lower that and try the other stuff you mentioned. Thanks!

  25. Also, if you haven't already, maybe go through the factory presets and see if any sound good to you and then look at what they have going on.

  26. Will do that! That’s a great idea! I’m currently playing around with making a tone now. What cab do you recommend?

  27. The PodGo is a fantastic choice. I’ve been using it for right about a year now. You’ll love it. Metallica tones are cake to make out of it. I’d say you might wanna grab some free IRs from ML Soundlabs to really elevate your tone but you don’t have to. I whole heartedly recommend the PodGo

  28. Nice!! I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve been debating between the pod go and the Helix LT, but I think I’m going to go with the Pod Go since I don’t need anything to fancy. But with getting the Metallica tones, did you get them from Soundlab or did you create them yourself?

  29. Also, sorry I didn’t specify this, but I only use the IRs for distortion patches, for cleans you don’t need them

  30. I see, thanks for clarifying! Thanks for the help and the insight 🤘I’m really excited to get this, seems to be pretty great for the price

  31. Changing strings of the same gauge on a Floyd should not mess with the setup whether you block your bridge or not. The reason for blocking the bridge is to make the string changes faster and easier, which I highly recommend as an experienced Floyd user. Your bridge will go back to being level after you tune to pitch, and new strings have settled (or streched).

  32. Ok that makes sense! I only need to block the floyd at the bridge right? I don’t need to block anything at the back where the springs are right? Thanks!

  33. I block it from the front with a dollar store deck of casino cards. I can set it level by adding or removing cards. Some people block it from the back, its personal preference.

  34. I didn’t even think about using cards to block it off. That’s a really good idea. Thanks for the info! I’m going to try and change the string’s tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well 🤘

  35. That’s awesome!! I love those canvas! Any idea where those can be found? I’d love to get those, they’re so neat!!

  36. Sad to hear this, no one will ever forgot his famous line “delete that”. Rest in Peace

  37. Both are available from the Mystery Gift option for help vouchers.. You have to keep checking - they awards change every day. I just got the hot tub last night. Someone posted the campfire a few days ago.

  38. Sevendust Audioslave System of a Down Rage Against the Machine Stone Temple Pilots Alice in Chains Limp Bizkit

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