1. Anybody got a stream running? The IM Brasil insta live just ended

  2. Wouldn’t see why not. Hoping to find a live stream to it

  3. https://www.facebook.com/claunorte/videos/934071997797624/

  4. It is official, confirmed via the streams I've been able to watch. Unfortunately no one seems to be streaming the full show like in Amsterdamn.

  5. Yes thanks for the live streams! Appreciate it!

  6. Maybe I’m just not hearing it, but I really don’t hear any “glitches” at any of those times

  7. Will the set list for all of their tours be pretty similar? Or will it be their new songs from the album that they cycle through the setlist?

  8. Hard to say. Their shows typically have 16 songs. They usually keep 12-13 songs consistent from city to city. From there, 3-4 songs per night are swapped out for other songs. However, it's entirely possible for a significant setlist change because they have long breaks in between shows - weeks to a month actually, which gives them plenty of time to practice a brand new set list.

  9. Ahh I see! Thank you. Yeah I guess I could see them changing the setlist then.

  10. You Must Burn! Is so good! I’ve been listening to that song the most too, probably my favorite! Some songs like you said I haven’t really got into as much as others (not that I don’t like them, I just think there are other songs on the album that are better) but I think there more I listen the more these songs will grow on me even more. I wasn’t a big fan of Sleepwalk my Life Away the first few listens, but I’m starting to like it a lot more

  11. Sleepwalk my Life Away was my favorite track off my first listen. I haven’t had the opportunity for a 2nd listen yet You Must Burn! is really good as well. Overall I really like the album.

  12. The whole album is great! I’ve really been enjoying it on every listen and there hasn’t been any songs I’ve wanted to skip other than maybe the singles just because I want to listens to the new songs more. But the singles are great too

  13. I should have mentioned that after I paid for the set and re string then brought it back for him to fix the fret buzz which he fixed for free. I’ve also have no experience in changing action or doing set ups. I’m newer at guitar work.

  14. They’ve already announced some US shows and festivals

  15. Right, I was just wondering if they’re going to be doing a headlining US tour

  16. Hell on Earth but Writing on the Wall and Days of Future Past are too contenders

  17. Amzn ~ amzn.to/3j9hz3l EE ~ fnkpp.com/EE MHS ~ fnkpp.com/MHS

  18. No problem!!! Pre ordered mine as soon as it came available haha! Couldn’t miss out on this one!

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