1. Yes it surprisingly fits really well

  2. Suddenly demon slayer is my favourite anime

  3. Dangai ichigo was able to embarrass Aizen who was already above people like yamamoto and likely ichibei so because of that I’m going with Ichigo

  4. If it's about pure shinigami,then Aizen shouldn't be there

  5. Ain’t really a true shinagami, however if I was to include him on the list I would put him number 1…sorry bro

  6. Shinji, he looks a nice guy to hang out and have a conversation... And he's pretty as fuck

  7. But his teeth give off horror vibes

  8. Definitely Urahara. He is one of the more chill ones and you can actually have fun with him.

  9. You can have fun with any of them really

  10. He seems so insecure, dude needs help

  11. It sucks that you already know gear 5 is going to happen.

  12. Reading is faster than watching, but you have way more time than you seem to think. That episode won't come out for another 5 months. If your only goal is that you want to be caught up before then, I think you just stick with watching.

  13. Honestly the 2nd opening slaps so hard

  14. Other one piece characters such as Mihawk who is Spanish and Ace who is Portuguese

  15. Nah he only killed,experiment on souls like a lab rat, manipulated people for his gain so no he ain’t evil at all

  16. No, bro. We talking about Aizen, not Mayuri.

  17. Tsukushima ain’t that bad tbh, he just followed orders

  18. Well, it's affecting things through time, bot really time itself. And even if he was affecting time itself, that wouldn't nessesarily put him at 4D.

  19. It would tho, he destroyed ichigo bankai without moving just by simply selecting a future where his bankai breaks and making it a reality

  20. Same happened with AoT people just want to jump in the hype train, thank fuck I decided to watch bleach before TYBW came out

  21. Nah she won’t bro you ain’t short it just the internet tricks you into thinking that

  22. Just wear airforces they add 3cm of height making you 6 foot

  23. This dude just wants ichigo to have an easy win, how about put him against dragon ball?

  24. Just like one piece and bleach, he just wants ichigo to win

  25. I really don’t like villains turning good after they are defeated which is why I’m hesitant on finishing Naruto

  26. Kenpachi does have a lot of reatisu compared to the other two but I wouldn’t say transcendent

  27. There’s no easy way to explain how dimension tiering works, all ik is the higher dimension=the stronger they are and a character who is 3D can never beat a character who is 4D

  28. He’s really narcissistic, loud and insecure

  29. Yama is literally a beast and only Aizen before the hogyoku and Kenpachi can rival him power wise

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