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  • By - W3ryx

There are TWO TYPES of Elden Ring players.

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  2. I've been waiting for this moment since Master Duel first launched

  3. And this is why I always make it clear I have no idea what I'm doing. Most people laugh and say "it's all good let's go my boy".

  4. I alternate alot cause I get bored doing the same combos over and over. My two mains are probs Marincess/Frog, and Sky Striker. Thunder Dwagens if I feel like it and Traptrix/artifact when I wanna derank but have my dark side take over.

  5. no, those specific staples greatly increase the ability of combo decks to play through disruption and that is their primary purpose and the main reason why they see play in both the tcg and ocg, you will occasionally see them played in control and stun decks as a tech choice but they really lack the same utility that they have when played in a combo deck.

  6. They see alot of play in THIS format because they can also cripple combo decks. Called by has saved my butt more times than I can count (especially now that DPE is in the game) are they annoying? Yes. Are they perfect? Hell no. But they help alot more than hurt imo. Well, maybe not Maxx C but the others lol.

  7. they do more good for the combo decks than against the combo decks and master duel specifically has a problem with combo decks right now so the best way to take them all down a peg is to hit these cards, control and stun decks have alternatives they could choose to play instead where as combo decks do not have anything that does the same job.

  8. Taking multiple generics out or limiting them might shake the meta in a bad way. If they wanted to do that, they'd have to hit alot of other cards in several decks and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Especially looking at the most recent banlist.

  9. Sky Striker, Nurse Burn, Swordsoul, True Draco, Thunder Dragons, and my fav is Marincess/Frog.

  10. I dont mind if it's obvious you're reading cards. There's alot of cards in the game and even I find myself reading sometimes and if I get reported, screw em.

  11. I've yet to see anyone else use Marincess besides me. I played against this weird dark deck that if their traps are destroyed they can special summon from the deck and I was totally not prepared for that and got my ass whooped lol

  12. Exactly. I just think with all the new players this game has brought in. The community needs a lesson in honor. Just trying to spread the gospel

  13. Honor is overrated. Use the soapstone if you want honor. If I invade or am being invaded, I want blood. That simple.

  14. I think you're the one that misses the point. You got mad playing tag while invading and made a post to vent.

  15. I only dupe so I can make different builds quickly for PVP. I don't like constantly going to respec to play a diff build. I go through the game on one character to get what I need, figure out what other builds I wanna do, gib items and runes to a friend, make a new character, get items and runes back, and bam. Jolly cooperation or invasions.

  16. Yo, this looks sick as hell. You have any tips for piloting it? I may try and play this next season!

  17. tips? Well, always try and get sea horse in the grave if not in hand. The normal combo is Sea Horse, link to Blue Slug, use Blue Slug effect to get Sea Horse back into the hand, Sp Summon Sea Horse with her effect to Blue slug arrow, link her away to Sea Angel, grab the field spell with Sea Angel, link into Coral Anemone, Sp Summon any Marincess you want from the grave with Coral, then, if you have another SP Summon like Swap Frog or Mandarin, summon them, then link into Crystal Heart, put down field spell, then link Coral and Heart for Bubble Reef, activate Coral effect to get a card from grave to hand, then chain field spell to it to equip 3 link monsters to Bubble. After allll that you get a 4600 (really a 5200 at least) beater that can draw you a card once per turn, gains 600 attack for the banish effect, and with the field spell out and you linking with Crystal heart, is immune to everything but Kaiju effects. no one ever reads or bothers to get rid of the field spell until it's too late. Also, if they do get rid of the field spell and you have another one, you can place that and your monster will still be immune to everything. I had a Zeus destroy it, I placed another one down and attacked into a Mirror Force and didn't lose my monster so, yeah. Other than that, just control the game as best you can until you can get the cards. The Marincess' work well together. Blue Tang can get Horse in the grave to then link away for Slug, then you can excavate 3 cards with Blue Tang while getting Horse back into the hand to special summon and if you're lucky, you can snag a Marincess wave from the excavate, which is super good if you get a link 3 or higher Marincess. It's and Infinite Impermanence that also protects your field for a turn from effects. Other than that, you just gotta play and get to know the deck. Oh, also, Dupe Frog likes to be the break in the chain from full combo. Little bastard.

  18. Sky Striker unironically and Marincess! Currently using Marincess with a dash of frog and it's so fun. Granted, can be annoying cause the combos can be long. I try to go as fast as possible for my opponent.

  19. It's an alpha move to say the shuffler works fine?

  20. It's called sarcasm. I was insulting you. Like youve been for several posts to that dude. Oh no pats. Just continue being a dick to a frustrated dude. Toootally the right response.

  21. What are you even trying to imply rn? It's a weapon I missed cause I needed a boss dead for a talisman. I've already beat the game twice for endings and beat all the bosses. I just don't want to lose progress downloading my save from the cloud or playing through alot of the game in NG+ to get one item that isn't skill based to get at all. I just wanna plat, and dive into pvp.

  22. Marincess frog deck! Bit of a time consumer but it's funny watching people try all their removal on the 4600 to 6k beat stick and be confused when she stays. Read the field spell guys.

  23. Man.. my mage friend didn't even know the move set to the boss he beat when I summoned him to help me. Felt this in my soul.

  24. You're an idiot. I'm on pc and you haven't actually read anything in this lost, have you? I play on pc btw and have a PS5. Nice try though.

  25. You know what, I read it again and realized I was the dick. I apologize. Kinda skimmed while playing elden ring. I'm sorry.

  26. High and mighty, huh? I don't know what gave you that impression. My guess is that you can't read and understand context of replies. If you could, you would have understood my comment perfectly. That's a failure on your part.

  27. This is the guy that reminded the teacher there was homework.

  28. I'm more annoyed that if you have it in your deck, you'll 90% of the time, have it in your starting hand, meaning no setups for your opponent

  29. I got 3 in mine and there's plenty of times I wish I did have it.

  30. I had 1 in a blue eyes deck and I got it nearly every time I started 🤔

  31. I'd like to see someone research it. I feel it might be like duel links where 1 ofs have a better chance to be drawn or something.

  32. Don't worry. I play Sky Striker and versed another Sky Striker and I had no cards in hand and on field and I went to do laundry before he killed me. Wish I was joking. That's why I do try to hurry and finish while being safe. Just sucks that if you have ANY kind of response, the game has to ask if you want to which makes turns last that much longer.

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