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Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of September 03, 2022

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  1. when was buying a stock i like a movement? dude this company has so many good things going for it even a blind person can see.

  2. GME has something going for it as a turnaround story at 1-1.50/sh. It doesn't deserve the current valuation it has. Just watch TSLA in the coming months. Every good bubble will eventually pop.

  3. People who put alcohol in there eggnog are the worst :12787:

  4. Rotisserie chicken from Costco. Home made chicken noodle soup meals for days.

  5. Also, make chicken stock from the bones. I made 12 or so cups of chicken stock from the remains of the deli chicken. Water, chicken bones, an onion and carrots. Boil for a while and ladle into freezer bags and lay flat in your freezer til it freezes for later use.

  6. Here's a great video from former Noma chef Dan Giusti about how to get creative with rotisserie chickens.

  7. Sam the Cooking Guy has lots of different recipes for rotisserie chickens as well. I'll definitely check this guy out too. Thanks!

  8. Am I the only one thinking he could've made a much bigger hole to start with? Less risk to cow. Also, chainsaw.

  9. This guy is financially abusing her, and you think this is a feel good story? Did you forget a sarcasm tag? I'm really not trying to be mean, I'm just so confused.....

  10. I'm assuming you forgot the sarcasm tag. Financial abuse? $500/mo rent and that's abuse? They talked they worked it out. Abuse?

  11. Christ on a crutch. Top five comments, which was all I could get through, are all shitting on this marriage. OP and husband talked and figured it out. Is it too hard to be happy for them?

  12. May not be very sophisticated, but Reverse Repo still in the trillions. Way too many opportunities for sustained bull market rallies until this drops.

  13. Be honest, tell us how much you are down on your overpriced big tech stock purchases? Guess what, you won’t because :4263:

  14. Shoulda stood at the buffet and hoiked food at her “here mum, try the fucking salad!”

  15. I'm picturing a guy in a tux hucking cucumber slices, olives, and pepperoncinis at his mom. And it's glorious.

  16. He's expected to do 75. It's going to be the dot plots for future rate rises and his tone that determines what the market does.

  17. The whole argument these gold grifters try to convince people with is that we're on the path right now of Weimar type hyper-inflation because they're printing too much money when thats not how the US financial system even works. It's deflationary by design

  18. OK, I can see and support that. I don't like the fear mongering when it comes to the gold peddlers. And there will be very little chance you will ever be able to predict or likely even profit by a systemic shift in currencies (especially if it's being done by the gov't in panic mode), since the gov't will peg their currency to gold at the best price they can get.

  19. Not going to eat that middle part anyway. Cut around it, slice it up and throw it in a stir fry.

  20. No do not do that with mold, the visible surface is usually much smaller than the ‘roots’ system inside the host

  21. https://www.tastingtable.com/890253/is-it-dangerous-to-eat-moldy-bell-peppers/#:~:text=Bell%20peppers%20and%20mold&text=They%20tell%20us%20that%20bell,remaining%20part%20of%20the%20vegetable

  22. I had an odd dream that may explain the melt up scenario. Ticketmaster buys the NYSE, ASE, and NASDAQ.

  23. Is there somewhere I can see all of Cathie’s positions? 😥

  24. This only works if you’re a super hot chick saying it

  25. I need you to imagine I'm a super hot chick saying it. Believe it. Believe in Corn.

  26. Rewatching Sopranos. Second season, last episode. One of the best dream sequences of any movie/series ever.

  27. FR Sopranos is probably my favorite tv show of all time. Bummer about how shitty many saints was.

  28. Luckily, I don't have HBO, so I didn't waste my time on it. Still, they fucked up the franchise with that one.

  29. since you guys are pathetic i will feel pity for you and tell you what's going to happen. futures will be red, we will pump before open and dump again then you buy the dip after the first dump. after a short rally you can buy puts again.

  30. Damn, it feels good to finally have someone tell me what to do. I'll follow you to the depths of hell, o seer of seers.

  31. Shorts know they pressed too far. Gotta make up some scary bearish rumors so you sell your newly purchased stocks at 52 week lows, rather than making them pay up for it.

  32. I think I might give myself a haircut tomorrow. Maybe take a trip to Home Depot or Lowes. You know, celebrate with a spa day for myself.

  33. Is there a way to place wagers on JP's announcement tomorrow?

  34. Surely there's a way to do it in Vegas. I'm not in Vegas, though.

  35. Might be able to do it online rather than in Vegas. If JP goes 100bps or higher there's a greater chance that repubs win the election. Less than that, dems may hold onto some of their seats. Pretty sure there's an election betting site.

  36. Did you even read about the last report?

  37. The numbers showed inflation is spreading, becoming not only stickier but structural, and is clearly driven by demand, not supply chain crap. The report was so bad. The market didn't shed.$1.6T in a day for no reason.

  38. If inflation were designed in a lab to destroy the gradual wealth building capacity of the middle class in America, it would just be called inflation.

  39. If inflation were a Star Wars character, it's name would be Obi-More-To-Payme.

  40. I think you missed the point. You're taking the accusation of being a psycho way too seriously.

  41. Quite an edit. I'm not the one being called psycho. Reading skills are important. Already said I'm relaxing and chilling even more.

  42. Clap until your hands fall off my dude. Whatever. Do you. Just know it annoys people

  43. And they can deal with the annoyance for the 2 minutes it takes before it dies down. Just know I don't care.

  44. You have to understand how it sounds to us. He wags his finger at political violence, but his VP was bailing out rioters during the campaign. He talks about authoritarianism when a year ago he was filing lawsuits against mask-free school states. If anything I am more firmly convinced secession is the only option.

  45. I know I'm late to the party. But I like the way you think. My main goal is to get to robots and tanks as quickly as possible. I really like the way you played with the oil mixture. Just one advanced processing to get lube and light, with the others going all petroleum. Playing around with it now, because it's a bit overbuilt for me. I'm looking for somewhere in between Nilaus' jumpstart and yours. But, maybe when I do a Deathworld, I'll understand better.

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