1. He used his forces to run interference on big moms crew so that luffy and sanji could escape.

  2. I thought this was going to be a link to his wife's tweet say "lol okay"

  3. Everyone. Goalies are getting banned.

  4. Its a John Deere. I am leaning 435, early 60's.

  5. Can we tag these articles with Yost so I know when to not bother with a click?

  6. That's a lot. Especially knowing that prospect has to be Greig.

  7. Could, but pretend the roles were reversed. Would you want Greig or Jarvy as the prospect coming back if we were giving up a player like Chabot?

  8. Gas is handy because readily available easy to refill and go. Cons being gas will only go up in cost and you are at the whim of fuel shortages.

  9. Then really, beggars can’t be choosers.

  10. This is what happens when you defund education.

  11. Crosby will take any opportunity to play goalie that he can.

  12. It is illegal where I live - all naturally occurring water belongs to the river authority. You need to check your local laws.

  13. I feel like this is one of those laws that was put in place to stop exploitation of resources by a company but end up hurting regular folks.

  14. Dots, more dots. Whelps left side. Handle it.

  15. Friends don't let friends go around with facial hair like that.

  16. Ottawa and Chych want each other. We just need the Yotes to play ball.

  17. He's a lefty that can play his offside like Brannstrom

  18. Reminds me of the Mexican performers with the black red and white suits on

  19. Listening to Allan Walsh gives me CTE

  20. Darth Vader or a Storm Trooper? Which looks cooler to you?

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