1. Fucking hate this album. Made me wanna kms after listening to it once, ears started bleeding after round 2. My gf left me, my dad beats me and my mom doesn’t love me. Not to mention it isn’t even gilmours lyrics, it’s a woman’s.

  2. Turn “camera from tank gunner sight” off, that way the camera is the tip of your barrel, not the tanks actual gunner optics

  3. No, this was just some random redditor pulling things out of his ass. He even said so himself

  4. Check your post fx settings in options and make sure “night from day” isn’t selected

  5. Considering all the premiums this guy has I doubt they would cheat. 100% just a good player

  6. If they did that the only rank 7 air would be a premium, so they probably wont

  7. You’ve got about 11~days till it expires. If you check the Microsoft store for what you wanna buy it should say when it ends

  8. If the guy is a cheater, you self promoing here makes me not believe it.

  9. Yeah dude it hilarious like how do ppl know you can’t wall bang in this game?

  10. A mouse doesn't limit your range of controls or keep you from flying inverted, but the simplified control scheme does. Change your mouse joystick mode from simplified to standard.

  11. I have this happen while using the ju288. Over 200 ppl usually yet still takes me 5-10 mins for a game, just to get up tiered to 7.0

  12. Obviously you shouldn't be able to use a decal as a camo. I've seen enough people using black decals to turn their tank completely black.

  13. With the 11b set the bomb series to drop 6 bombs and run the largest bomb load possible

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