1. What caused her first baby to die? Was it delivered early? I wasn’t watching at the time.

  2. SIDS related injury when OG baby Wiley was with Brad and Lucas. Died in its sleep in the crib.

  3. The dialogue disapproves your statement of him marrying her cause he literally says the baby won’t know wither of their parents and him marrying her would the baby knowing her .

  4. Working at least 35 hours a week at 17.5/hour. Half my paycheck goes to rent. Luckily I had the right skills in the service I work in to get above minimum wage page.

  5. First Nathan. Now Britt. Liesel has lost both her children. If this doesn't bring evil Dr O back then what's the point???!!!!

  6. It'll bring Liesel and Scott closer together at least.

  7. I'm a student at ucsd but I live w my boyfriend and am currently looking for housing for winter quarter

  8. Yeah it's just one bed, my half of the space.

  9. I share my room with a guy, and there's two other guy's in the other rooms. They all literally never leave their room. I basically have the house and kitchen to myself

  10. Don't give the writers enough credit to remember this.

  11. Rory just died so I could see how Trina wouldn't immediately be jumping on Spencer. She can't be acting like a floozy like Joss.

  12. Let's be real, she did not like Rory as much as you think. She lowkey glad Rory died so she didn't have to break up with Rory to be with Spencer.

  13. World domination is my best guess. He wants to finish what Mikkos started and has some doomsday device he will try to threaten the WSB and various governments with. They've hinted at this several times with the weird heatwave that happened last February plus things Victor himself and characters around him have said. His employees all treat him like some god-tier cult leader also, and have said things about how massive amounts of people will die as collateral damage for Victor's plan.

  14. Thank you of reminding me of the heatwave. I completely forgot about it.

  15. Someone should really make a post with drag family trees explaining it

  16. Someone recently did, you should look it up.

  17. On Holly's last episode, when she gave one of the ice princess diamonds to Selina.

  18. Just another dangling story, like Selina drugging Victor with no apparent effect 🤷‍♀️

  19. Bro I was so excited for that, why would they leave that hanging.

  20. You would think Britt would tell Brad she has Huntington's since they're supposed to be best friends

  21. I think she is also trying to hide it from Ms. Wu, because she would gladly take Britt out if it meant Britt could no longer "manipulate" Brad as a friend.

  22. I think deep down, she's trying to be a good friend to Nikolas while also considering who else is involved. She sees this innocent child who is the literal spawn of a psychotic woman, and her friend who (made a really stupid decision) but has stuck by and helped her (and her kids) when they were at their very bottom.

  23. So she decides to risk it all by aiding and abetting a kidnapper, a possible attempted murderer, and who is also the woman who posted a sex video of her son?

  24. In most of Elizabeth's interactions she hasn't gained much.

  25. Yeah,I know Ava sees Trina as a daughter, but Trina needs some friends outside of her friend group that she could rely on from time to time

  26. They're never gonna let her leave Joss and Ava for a bit develop a real friendship.

  27. If that's a real code, it should apply to the men ha ing babies with multiple women too. Isn't Sonny at like 5 now?

  28. Only for women, they can't have more than 3 baby daddies. But men can have countless baby mommas.

  29. Literally every blonde woman is some version of Carly. It's a Carly curse to make the audience like her character.

  30. Management and bureaucracy, as annoying as it, is necessary to an extended. And often times, a lot of the management personnel in our school are professors as well. However not everyone can be the hr person (who ensures people are paid properly) and lecture (and vice versa). I think you might be underestimating how much man power it takes to run the school.

  31. I know this is a big campus and bugs are inevitable but I have been noticing more critters around and inside of PC lately. Like a lot more.

  32. Harley Quinn. S3 focuses on Harley and Ivy’s relationship and also Joker is pretty funny in that season

  33. S3 was so funny tho and I loved the growth. The way Catwoman, Harley, and Ivy talked shit about Bruce?

  34. you can always just request it to send, my only question really is why do i currently have a credit balance already

  35. They post it early because some people don't have credit balances, they have outstanding balances. So they need to see how much they owe so they can pay the school. Credit does not disburse until a week before school starts.

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