1. The 29th just counted on the sheet, 1.3m today.

  2. Same time period comparation it's clearly not down.

  3. Can't hear this "valuable data" anymore. What? The community complaining about reset timers is "valuable data" now?? This technobabbling always...

  4. Grind, ship prices, respawn times, player frustration, all valuable data in the careful balancing act of selling more and more ships to people

  5. It's both on the sidebar and in the wiki with a dedicated shortcut at the top of the sub, though I think wikis are fucked on mobile and have been for a long while - I have the feeling Reddit will sunset them in the near future.

  6. Maybe get rid of the stickied monthly discussion? It's barely used by anyone, and then frees up that slot for another post.

  7. You're right, they do, cause refunds pull the money directly out of cigs account for ship sales, and can incur them additional charges. This will be removes because it talks about legal challenges to CIG which is against their forum rules..

  8. And this is why they keep just throwing out these half-baked bug fests. Doesn't bloody matter, turn up the ad campaigns enough and people will gladly buy that bug fest blind.

  9. Only after they took on other shareholders that gave CI 40+ million dollars for the priviledge.

  10. Ahh Quavers... quoting just enough for what you want to try to say ... but not the full statement applicable... how unusual for you.

  11. At this point I think CiG just pays people to defend them on the sub.

  12. It's sort of cute - like the 'always about Chris Roberts' starting template, then lately the final act of all these discussions has turned into 'I don't have anything of meaning to say in response, so let's pretend it was nonsense or I can't read'.

  13. My shits from 2012 can't go that route.

  14. If your purchases were all before June 2016 then they were under terms of conditions that promised a refund if the released date was extensively missed.

  15. I spent 30,000 bucks on star citizen. Im sure as heII its the best thing ever created since god created the universe

  16. Sure buddy, that's why you're replying to 5 month old posts to convince yourself lol

  17. I have this funny feeling you might be right. I'll check back in when I'm 40.

  18. Massive thanks man, tho i do love Golgot's video stuff too! I like to think i was the visionary and inspired his AAAA content

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