1. Oh that's actually pretty neat. Too bad I'll never be able to use it

  2. New breed of love live schizos suddenly appearing out of nowhere (they are under the influence of the rock)

  3. If you can spam number 3’s ability, you could simply spam it enough that you just sort of travel fast.

  4. freeze lasts a decade but that’s about it, life suck has way too much armor, using that shit as you’re getting up from ragdoll is stupid as hell. Also has like 0 windup

  5. Freeze as you said isn’t that bad, it only just confirms into other moves and that’s about it. Maybe a little nerf to it’s damage output and it’s fine.

  6. idk why you’re getting downvoted. the freeze is pretty easy to bait, suck is easy to block and just gives u back some health

  7. Blood suck is not easy to block as it comes out as fast as knuckle sandwich, which is already a quick move

  8. Aerosmith did used to have combos with old pluck but new pluck somewhat butchered it.

  9. The stand is still shit, but Brandy is amazing. It often comes down to trickery and cunning to make such a poor stand function beneficially

  10. I have literally never won against a ta1 mf in 1v1s no matter what build I use

  11. Probably due to the fact that there’s like 10 Ta1 users in the world who consistently play 1v1s

  12. Personally, it’s in Ok tier, because while the spec is fun and all, it will eventually be nerfed down as well as not being too relevant after everyone has their fair share of vamp in their bloodstream. It was like that for spin, even though I quite enjoy spin. The addition of a ranked 1v1 game mode is nice, but last I check it out, that is still not technically in the game yet, so I’m not counting that until it gets added. I do like the new UI stuff though.

  13. Ain’t no way someone is roleplaying a deceased person of a Roblox developer who’s still in adolescence. What.

  14. For GER, stand M1s are better because stand M1s are faster. Pluck M1s have about the same range and deal about the same, but they are slower without lethal tempo nodes. Lethal tempo nodes aren’t worth sacrificing some of your points on when you can use your points for your stand’s abilities instead.

  15. I wouldn’t get mastered zombie creation. the zombies are very weak and die easily. tbh i would barely even upgrade the spec (also btw u can do superhuman barrage into ts if u didnt know that)

  16. The advantage of getting mastered zombie creation is using your free minion after a kill for more blood, which means more health. Free health is always nice to have.

  17. The only stand that isn’t viable with Vamp is Mr President, which even then you can still win because currently vamp by itself can win matches extremely quickly with ease.

  18. You now know the pain of playing act 1. To be honest the only reason why I main act 1 is that on mobile it’s easier to aim nails since they always go in a predictable and CONSISTENT straight line, which in combat is good.

  19. Unpopular opinion: KCR is not as good as people think. It has one attacking move and that is all. I want to give it more moves, but it’s high destructive power is an issue. If KCR ever were to get a move, I purpose that it should get a nerf in M1 damage (from 10.1 to 9.2) and make Epitaph not frame 1 for both KC and KCR.

  20. I only speak English, but honestly I have no problem with other people speaking in other languages. People no matter the ethnicity or dialect that they have will always be a mixed bag between good, passive or bad. I’m sorry, but it sucks. Banning other languages wouldn’t make any difference as someone can still be an ass to you in another language, via Google translate or having English as a secondary language.

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