1. Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean she isn't queer

  2. I'm still disappointed it never happened

  3. I honestly thought she is gay

  4. Can we take a second to appreciate her arms in the 9th pic?

  5. I remember when they were close I hope they can get back to that again. They are a force to be reckoned with.

  6. Spencer was a kid and thought Nik was dead. Ava was with Nik when he "died" the first time. Ava was in a fire and chose to get help from Valentine to restore her face and since that decision Spencer has never forgiven her.

  7. Oh yeah. I totally forgot about that. Thank you

  8. I could never hate a girlboss lol

  9. Ohhh. Ok. So it's the same actor playing 2 diff current characters?

  10. He's only playing one character right now. Franco is dead

  11. I was waiting for them to go to Paris, Tennessee.

  12. I was wondering how Madison gets the oxygen in her sleep. Wouldn't she suffocate, because she can't give it to herself while sleeping?

  13. She may not need it while sleeping because she really isn't exerting herself.

  14. I can’t stand they hired a dark skinned non mixed actress to play the daughter of two mixed people and expects the audience not to tell. They set the actress up.

  15. I see you don't understand genetics

  16. This post is about racism towards the actress that plays Trina and you decided to comment that you don't like her. Read the room

  17. Carly lol. But realistically I hope they don't bring Wes back in some peter twin storyline.

  18. Riverdale needs to be on here too, what a trip lol

  19. The difference is LOT cast likes their jobs

  20. I wonder if it backfires on Epiphany for not running appropriate blood panels and just assuming it was a "forgot to eat" type of thing.....

  21. Running blood panels isn't under Epiphany's job.

  22. Alexis and Harmony relationship reminds me of Natalia and Olivia from Guiding Light.

  23. Are they a couple? I've never seen that show

  24. They were in rehab with Nat in episode 1

  25. Am I the only one that likes her more after this episode? She’s felt pretty pointless as a character after the crash and now I’m excited to see what she schemes up.

  26. I love her. She reminds me of Alicia Sierra from Money Heist

  27. Yes and I hope the writers capatilize on it

  28. Yes...if they are both on that patient's health care team

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