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  1. domestic hamsters do not need 12 inches of bedding, he is perfectly fine in the cage he has, there's plenty of room for burrows

  2. Yeah...I agree that 12 inches of bedding is too much AS A MINIMUM, if you have money and time the only limit is the sky! I used to give a minimum of 5 and aimed for 8 for each and every hamster I had. But saying 12 inches is the bare minimum...I think that may be much

  3. The only cheap thing about hamster care is the hamster. If you have a proper hamster friendly setup and that much bedding it is jot advised to exchange the bedding since that is the absolute opposite of beneficial. I dont know about your prices, but betting of that amount costs me about 30$ in total. You are supposed to exchange it only if the hamster is sick with certain infestations or exchange about half the bedding each year if you want to. But a hamster does need that much bedding to dig and create their tunnel system since it's a prey animal that constantly needs to hide. 12 is good to have, if you can't provide that you should still not go lower than 7 to 8 inches -a hamster can dig up to 6-7ft deep in soil.

  4. I agree with you! 12 inches is good to have, I was talking about a "minimum" since that was the word you used, and I use that word as a sinonym of "if you don't meet this requirement, it's animal torture". That's why I said that I think that 12 as a minumum is too much, but yeah I agree with you that 12 inches is a great target to aim at when owning an hamster :)

  5. Hi! Even though the common answer is "yeah just scrub them with soap", I'd advise for not putting rocks found in streams in hamster water bowl. Rocks may release calcium or other minerals in small quantities. In my case I never had the need to weight it down because it was a water dish and the hammy was a robo, but if you need to hold it in place I'd suggest velcro as another redditor suggested :)

  6. Sadly I think it's too early to say your model is in no need of often do you gently pat the zone above the headlights of your SiC? Before and after he consumes condensation, are they given 20cc of love and cuddles? If their engine purrs loudly then you should be fine

  7. This is not a person, it's a bot reposting posts from that other sub. Should just be banned :)

  8. Spock bo Gabriel is blowing the trumpet. SpongeBob The devil is upon us and no one here can stop him. Squiward He came from the great below, took the souls of the innocent, but devoured them in the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of the universe Penis crabs mr

  9. Doesn't look so shy here! I hope you two can bond further and build up confidence :)

  10. I'm sorry you had to go through that. My DMs are always open if you need to talk. I won't say anything about the tank because I have nothing to add to what the other members of this sub already told you - I think they gave you all the right directions to get this tank in perfect shape!

  11. Mfs be like "oh, but the guy at PetSmart assured me it was a female!" 💀

  12. Sadly hamsters are like goldfish, they're cute small animals that don't get enough care after being bought for small children.

  13. You made me remember the 2 babyturtles that died under my care when I was 10.

  14. Don't worry. You were young and unexperienced, mistakes happen. The important thing is that you make sure to learn something from them 😄

  15. I think this could help you if you can buy live ones (they're available at my LPS!), good luck!

  16. Opera's cool. It was the big budget storytelling of it's time. Just hard to listen to a language you don't speak

  17. I'm Italian and I can't understand shit in operas where they speak italian lol

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