1. Dave is dropping a solo album to end his career called “sistercantstopsheyou&me”

  2. There's no way that's all of it. There's only a single California show. No way it's complete.

  3. Definitely not complete , this is just the shows people have apparent inside information about

  4. I swear I didn’t even mean to. Took me 3 minutes to figure out what you talking about.

  5. this bartender will blow you away, it’s the opener for the show the night night of roi’s passing :

  6. Listener supported, Central Park, then go where the search bar takes you

  7. Not even close to “lit.” Travis is an embarrassment and a murderer.

  8. ur a fucking clown stfu and go fuck yourself

  9. Is the stache that bad looking? I'm experimenting, I had side burns for a while they didn't work that well, will revamp my cut once it grows out more, I'm just getting into a relationship I'm pretty insecure, I have doubts in my mind all the time, I feel like she deserves more than me

  10. i hope people like this get their whole lives flipped upside down. probably sold drugs to get that car so stfu and keep driving pussy

  11. I’ve always wondered this too. What I believe is the people who hate dmb were the kids who thought they were “too cool” for dmb when they first came out, saw how big the band got, then stuck with the “I’m too cool for them” … lmao people just hate them for no reason if half the people who hate them would listen to more than crash into me and satellite they might have many more fans

  12. neither did your mother but you don’t see me complaining

  13. Well, obviously not. She's dead. Just like you likem

  14. Oh I love this comment from less than a year ago:

  15. Hey Swazi, imagine digging through comments made a year ago just to produce enough dopamine to not kys fuckin weirdo

  16. Nah actually nothing about it is hip… it was hip back in the 90s and early 2000s but what it is , it’s something special I grew up on that I get to still witness as an adult and get my mind blown due to how amazing these guys are still playing

  17. I like that reason for black/white! Thanks!

  18. why would they make it blue and red for crash when it’s not on crash

  19. I could watch #7 for like 4 days straight on a treadmill

  20. Central Park and listener supported are just both too good. In leagues of their own.

  21. sister, she, where are you going, can’t stop

  22. listener supported, me my pops and brother listen to it top to bottom along with btcs every road trip to see the guys, made it do Dayton today ready for nutter center tomorrow !!

  23. they mean the "cp" part lol club penguin isnt the only thing that acronym stands for

  24. yeah I know but obviously I mean club penguin

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