1. I see this all the time, somebody flying a flag from their trailer lockbars, and it's always tattered and filthy. I know you think you're a patriot, but destroying a flag is the opposite of patriotic. I'll bet if you saw someone burning a flag in protest you'd get a big ol' bustle in your hedge row, but somehow it's ok for you to shower one in road grime at 70mph for hours every day. Just don't.

  2. Tell me you’re a Zeppelin fan, without telling me you’re a Zeppelin fan.

  3. Gage Creed dying the second time is also up there. The tears, stumbling away and then falling over

  4. As a parent, him being run over by the semi hit pretty hard too.

  5. My mind is full of useless movie lines. Trying to figure out how to make it a career, lol.

  6. But what if he's an Invisible Kid and we can't find him?

  7. If you don’t like Metallica, hit the lights on the way out

  8. He’s playing this Sunday. Sorry Singletary, he’s taking your starting RB spot.

  9. Keenum must be God awful in practice, considering the Browns refused to play him over hurt Baker all of last year and now the Bills also don't want to play him lol

  10. I’m thinking we sign either Fitz or Reich this week for an emotional boost!

  11. Just added to my watchlist. I love movies like this, thanks!

  12. Best advice so far. The beer allows you time to compensate how much you’re going to screw this up before calling a plumber. I speak from experience

  13. Heh yep. Any time I see a wonky hand that’s the line that always runs through my head.

  14. Is it weird that I immediately read the title in Chris Elliot’s voice?

  15. No more debt for me❤️ it’s sad that we have to remind the government that people are corporations too. Thank you Mr. Biden and everyone else on either side who approved this.

  16. Don’t thank Biden, thank the taxpayers. They’re the ones paying for this.

  17. Taxpayers paid even more money to bail out giant corporations. Let’s celebrate abundance and the fact that the little people get some crumbs from the taxpayers time around.

  18. I’m not complaining about tax dollars going where they should. I’m complaining about Biden taking credit for something that costs him nothing. Pure pandering for votes.

  19. They could trade for Saquads too, if they giants want to move on instead of paying him

  20. Brian Daboll is a double agent. He was allowed to leave Buffalo for the sole purpose of trading Saquon to us.

  21. Tua gonna go for 400+ and 4 tuds, all to Hill and Waddle. Then, Tua will run one in, hot take.

  22. You might be right. I’ll still take Allen against the 31st ranked pass defense. Bills 52-28

  23. Yep. And glad to hear Dane Jackson is okay too. Could have him back as early as next week. Chris Simms tweeted today that so far, this season feels like the first season that both the Bills offense and defense are at the same level of elite. Have to agree with him.

  24. That’s great to hear about Jackson. I thought for sure his career was over after that hit.

  25. I’m a normal dude, I’ve got a bad neck and get neck pains a lot. They can be brutal. I honestly cannot believe he might be coming back next week, I would’ve guessed it to be a career ender.

  26. Beer for the mounties, apples for their horses, and Rush/Tragically Hip. Set up at random intervals Let’s see them get past a defensive line like that. They will never make it to South Dakota

  27. Two guys I admired before they came to the Sabres. Pat Lafontaine & Chris Drury

  28. Listen to the “experts”. None of which had Taylor or Kupp as a top 5 player at their positions last year.

  29. Ah yes they aren’t right 100% of the time so that means what they say is worthless? In a game with a lot of randomness all you can do is try to give yourself an edge.

  30. My point is simply that anyone can be considered an expert by simply ranking players by last years stats. There is more luck involved than skill in fantasy football

  31. I’ve been listening to Rush for over 40 years. The solo in La Villa Strangiato still makes the hair on my arms stand up when I hear it!

  32. He has nothing on Vincent Gallo. That’s how you direct a movie!

  33. Get some Ozium odor eliminators. They come in a can you can put right in your bag. Used them for hockey equipment, they work really well

  34. My son had the same problem, couldn’t wear the R or S. See if you can find a CPV-R. They are smaller than the R or S. They actually have a size printed on the label inside the helmet. A small or medium should work.

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