Ex-Marine Rigs Package With Flash Bang

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  1. I’ve been listening to Rush for over 40 years. The solo in La Villa Strangiato still makes the hair on my arms stand up when I hear it!

  2. He has nothing on Vincent Gallo. That’s how you direct a movie!

  3. Get some Ozium odor eliminators. They come in a can you can put right in your bag. Used them for hockey equipment, they work really well

  4. My son had the same problem, couldn’t wear the R or S. See if you can find a CPV-R. They are smaller than the R or S. They actually have a size printed on the label inside the helmet. A small or medium should work.

  5. TSG bbq is the best I’ve had in this area. I particularly like the pulled pork. The sauce is not great unfortunately but the meat is the most important part.

  6. If you think their pulled pork is good, I’d recommend trying the brisket. It’s the best thing on their menu.

  7. The smoked turkey with honey mustard is my go too. With that magic flying pig pixie dust they put on the tots.

  8. Love the smoked turkey! Try the open pit wings with their white sauce mixed with franks hot sauce. Delicious!

  9. I missed these on the Rush Store, but managed to find one in an independent record shop. Very pleased!

  10. That’s awesome, I’ve only seen Circumstances in the red vinyl.

  11. There is an entire print of Hemispheres in red that I recently tracked down.

  12. I have an original Hemispheres, not sure why I said Circumstances

  13. My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapour of invention.

  14. Cracklin’ Bacon had a great sound, too bad cops killed the drummer.

  15. Thanks, I haven’t seen a Tom Brady is good post. Now that I know, I’ll keep an eye on him to see if he’s worth watching

  16. I agree, the latest album Vaxis II dropped Friday, is amazing!

  17. Yep, I think it’s great. Can’t believe the hate it’s getting from some of the fans

  18. I see what you’re doing, In the end you don’t get something for nothing.

  19. I always thought Peart was the Canadian pronunciation, and Pert was the States version.

  20. Especiall when they cry about the downvotes like 5 minutes after they posted the comment.

  21. How dare you! After I’m done crying, I’m going to downvote you AND throw a water bottle at you.

  22. The “I’ve been drinking so much I’m seeing double” target...

  23. Kamara isn’t done. He’s just gonna be suspended for half the season

  24. Love how everyone here comments that OP should be happy that a cat is killing the wildlife on their property that they enjoy seeing. Keep your cats inside, I like the rabbits and other animals in my backyard and I don't like picking up the cat shit in my mulch.

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