1. Jeweler here. You have a lil’ bit of a eutectic reaction going on here. Meaning the brass at the seam was overheated, and the silver solder started mixing with the brass into a new alloy (which had a lower melting temp than the solder) along the seam. If you’re treating it like welding, this happens easily. You can spot heat, but you need the heat the whole pieces a bit more evenly to avoid. Doesn’t look like it caused much problem here, but if you take it too far it will melt and re-alloy the brass near the joint in a kinda corrosive way (not the right word, but you’ll get what I mean if it happens).

  2. Yall really hate the Midwest. But, it makes sense. We just have corn and corn and corn and corn and corn and corn and corn and corn.

  3. Honestly thought Jkap had more wins than 9. 9-24 in finals and above Aches is weird to me. But idk I didn't watch back then.

  4. I was born in the United States in my early thirties so I don’t think it was the best idea for you to do this for your birthday because it would probably take a while for Jesus Christ to come.

  5. I was born in the middle of the year and I was gonna say that I was gonna say that I was gonna say that I was gonna say that I was gonna say.

  6. Every anwser is Bo4 this and bo3 that. Really shows how fun those games were to watch. Bo4 is my favorite as a viewer and it's not close. God Ioved that season. So many memorable moments.

  7. Everyone asks "Who/Why/When/Where/What is Scump?" Nobody ever asks "How is Scump?" 😔

  8. I love my mom but I don't think she is lying belly-towards you are in the water with them afterwards and she will be in the office tomorrow morning

  9. Choking down that fat slice of humble pie he has slammed down my throat 👀

  10. It is very funny to me that you took offense to his comment and felt the need to post this

  11. Having similar issue. The lights come on but the buttons on top the case don't change the mode or color.

  12. They actually play tonight at 8:30 eastern on ESPN. They’re playing against ACHES and company!

  13. Gonna be a banger match-up. Can't wait to see how Killa will play after getting traded for the one and only Ricky

  14. Why so angry? Do you know how terrifying it is saying you're an atheist to religious parents? Either way you shouldn't force someone to do something they don't want to

  15. That's what everyone says but my sister gave in pretty easily

  16. Well, did your parents accept that she's atheist? And it also depends on the type of parents, because I know my parents would send me off to a religious boarding school if I ever said I was atheist

  17. I'm past the grief, shock, denial, anger, I have accepted everything.

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