1. The blatant ableism just shocks me every time. Like, what do these people even think?? That I just sit around in a locked basement all day long because I'm "obviously" incapable of doing anything else??

  2. I unfortunately don't think their mental bandwidth even gets that far. I don't know that someone that stupid can have thoughts about anyone other than themselves.

  3. It’s like a horse bridle. It’s not made to restrict movement or be painful. It’s there to have more control over the movement of his head

  4. Absolutely this gentle leaders are as they imply not painful at all give them more range and are less damaging than even traditional collars

  5. Is it really necessary? You already have a harness

  6. Harness is the backup and in some dogs it encourages pulling. The gentle leader teaches good leash etiquette but smart dogs can slip them so it's good to have a backup.

  7. I mean, just shoot the artist in the face and he can't do anything...

  8. When you do this, their paintings go through the roof in value.

  9. Thank you! Yeah, I'll have to move about 8 hours away! I've started looking at houses in the area! It's one of the biggest concerns I kinda hate moving I've done it a lot!

  10. Having lived in the same house growing up, I was excited to move around the country for school, jobs, etc., when I was younger. I hope you are excited to live somewhere new, meet new people, etc. Now that I'm living the stationary mom life, I'm a little jealous. :)

  11. I actually will be moving back to somewhere I've lived before!! So I have a ton of friends still in the area so it'll be bitter sweet because I'll be leaving family behind. Being a stationary mom is a different calling.

  12. Maybe it can drive one tube if already turned on. But when he turn light of it won't work. Gladly that is not a problem anymore if he replace with LED tubes.

  13. If you replace with led tubes you need an electrician to route around the ballast.

  14. It's exactly as the name kind of implies it's for head control to prevent dogs that have poor leash etiquette. They are easier on dogs than chokes and the difference in attitude and behavior on leash is staggering. They are incredible for stubborn dogs.

  15. The only reason is because of what he was eating before vs subway. Dude was eating like 2-3 pizzas a day.

  16. Contrary to popular belief we only spend about 7% more of our taxes on defense than the UK. Which in the grand scheme of things is a fair amount of money its not the sole reason we don't have as nice of things. We actually ironically pay almost 8% more on Healthcare in the US than the UK and only 3% less on welfare programs.

  17. cranks amp all the way with distortion and gain all the way up

  18. Dime it add a tube screamer with an active guitar, let it roar.

  19. From what I’ve read and heard, the us secret service work for the govt. they are there to protect him, but aren’t necessarily loyal to him and will step aside if another dept comes in to arrest him. Allegedly.

  20. Not 100% true you typically have a say in your detail and many presidents have historically changed it to fit their tastes in people they feel support them. Biden doesn't trust some of his secret service and is or did try to get them relocated/assigned. Granted, there's a limit to how many of the agents there are, so you might not always be able to have everyone on your side.

  21. Wait till I tell you about my 35, 20 and 15 on bw between 3 accounts

  22. Brightwing has no problems only solutions: murder.

  23. Well I’m 51 and new technology costs money, new technology is generally over my bald head too….🤣

  24. I'm not even that old and I remember. I'm 31 and I grew up in a neighborhood next to a school so there were a ton of other kids in my neighborhood. On any given day you'd hear laughter and see kids running through multiple yards. Or on their bikes. Me and my friends loved the woods and would be out until just before it was dark.

  25. Yeah... So, then it's definitely a cultural difference in perception for me... Stuff like that is still pretty unpleasant to watch for me, i do not find it fun, but oh well, if so accepted... Thanks.

  26. To be fair though the show itself is incredibly raunchy and abrasive so I believe that's the point. It's supposed to be very dark and they are intentionally trying to shock audiences.

  27. Well, yeah, I'm aware, but that's the reason why I wrote it not on the show sub - it's not about The Boys, but more like a common thing that i saw with many other different actors and persons in general - *fuck you* "cool and edgy" photos...

  28. Well there's many facets to American media, it's definitely not a representation of the media as a whole but there are definitely more than a few that have the "Rockstar" edgy persona and it's been that way for quite a while.

  29. You can be a yinzer, but still be a jag lol

  30. True but you gotta earn the yinz. Till you've tried driving around Mt. Washington or sat in -30 to watch the stillers I don't think you can wear the title.

  31. Spider-Man 3. Just for that scene where he is strutting down the street thinking he all that

  32. Came here to say this, cool Peter Parker is best Peter parker.

  33. Did you type that with a straight face? Or do you really think you're into something here?

  34. They don't understand how wealth distribution works, and they don't understand that the only idiots dumb enough to do this don't have a lot stashed away and very few actively wealthy people would make themselves liquid for a protest because they aren't that idiotic.

  35. take away 15% of a teacher's salary, and they're gonna struggle to go out to Applebee's that month. take away 16% of a billionaire's wealth, and they have to skip the caviar on their next yacht party.

  36. Take away 16% of a billionaires wealth and they can still afford whatever because they are still absurdly wealthy.

  37. Maga idiots are loud by few and far in-between. They can make some noise but nothing else. Anything larger needs organizing and feds are keeping a close eye on them.

  38. See you say this but they marched on the capital and broke in and those were the ones with the money to get to the capital imagine all the ones that have spent all their money on arms.

  39. That was before anyone took them seriously and they had an organizer to rally behin.

  40. All it takes is one loud buffoon on truth social

  41. False, idiotically so. The Michigan school shooter who's parents supplied him his gun was using a 9mm Sig Sauer SP. Unless that's no longer considered a pistol do your due dillegence before making idiotic claims. There are more by the way his case is one of the more popular ones.

  42. No? He said no school shootings were done with a pistol. I told him that was categorically a false statement, why are you doubling down with a farther reply? In what way did I indicate I was for any gun violence? He made a dumb comment, and I corrected it.

  43. Ok you got your one liners in and US bad comments but I'm asking a real question. Why do they send a small amount of police into situations like this? It seems almost suicidal

  44. From my understanding it's simply how many police they have per capita vs in the US

  45. How has no one mentioned the son'sonobrow I could see that beaut from space.

  46. Cute but they are harbingers of disease when not in a clean setting. Even ones in cages can be prone to disease outbreaks that are very communicable to humans. Many of the worst plagues are transmitted via rats.

  47. I like that the shiba in the back is like please don't do that to me too.

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