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  1. I assume it’s like those old fan turbines encased in a glass ball. One side of the fan blade is black other is white, the black heats up from sunlight faster and creates a temperature difference. This causes air to move from hot to cold areas and creates a wind current, spinning the turbine. I assume the colors of the ball do a similar thing. Just a guess.

  2. If it’s close to the end of the mission I won’t turn a bug into Steve because I don’t want to leave him behind.

  3. I own 5-6 diamondbacks and they are all extremely clear and have low aberrations. My favorite budget optics. Yours almost certainly has a broken internal seal and some humidity has entered. Thankfully vortex will replace it no questions asked for free. They even handle shipping both ways.

  4. Second this, me and a buddy both have Diamondback Tactical. Both are very crisp/clear.

  5. Idk if it’s a quote or just a funny poster someone made. “I want you! To serve, and probably die for your planet.”

  6. If there was a habitable earth like planet that orbits Antares, how far away would that planet have to be from Antares compared to how far away earth is from the sun?

  7. That ranges from literally just a nail to a pig. lol love it.

  8. That guy knew what he was doing.

  9. I still tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, when I first started playing everyone was so helpful, I just wanted to return the good will.

  10. You’ll be on your feet all day standing in one spot not moving. It’s going to kill your feet and back. The surgeon I was with had to have horrible varicose veins removed because of standing all day for 20 years.

  11. Is there something specific I can search? I don’t know much about flashlights.

  12. This is the pill they offer that is Currently Unavailable. “UniqueFire XRE White Light LED Pill 3 Watt Replacement 3 Modes with Mode Memory Function for UF-T20 Flashlight Torch (White light Lamp Holder Pill)”

  13. If the series is to be accurate, then at least once the character needs to glitch off a cliff and fall to their death.

  14. There are some affordable thermal options. AGM makes good stuff and they have a 256 resulting for 1200 I think. 256 is pretty much as low you'd wanna go on the resolution bit it should still be good out to 75 yards. Before you buy, I'd say call the guys at Texas feral outdoors. I watch their YouTube channel so I called them up and they were a wealth of knowledge.

  15. PS not sure if you've ever tried this low budget setup but I have a $20 green light and a $50 laser and it's fun as all heck on an AR inside of 75 yards. Plus it makes for a good backup and an easy way to sight in a scope when you swap it out.

  16. What do you mean? Like use the green light/laser with a reg scope at night?

  17. I don’t tell my med school anything. Seeing as how I’ve done all the paperwork, applied for/setup all my 4th year rotations, troubleshooted issues, submitted schedules and got everything approved because my school doesn’t help 3rd/4th year students. I see myself and my preceptor as the boss and work independently of everyone else.

  18. It’s all fun and games until the cat starts knocking things out of your tree stand.

  19. Are you using a silicone cover on your headset? I could be wrong but I was having a similar issue and I realized my silicone headset cover was sliding out and blocking the very edge of the cameras on the headset. I think because of that the headset was losing track of the controllers. I’ve removed the silicone cover and it’s gotten much better.

  20. I’m no wine aficionado but is there a point of diminishing returns in wine? Or does it just get exponentially better over time?

  21. There’s a skit in Rules of Engagement about that. lol I love that show.

  22. To be fair I couldn’t hear/see any impacts. I had to max my volume out to hear the ding.

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