1. Portion size is filling though lol unlike these tiny dinners for half a person

  2. I love mosaic foods. It’s all plant-based and they try to not use as many soy substitutes. It’s mostly a variety of veggies. It’s about $9.99 for each single-serve bowl, and the portion sizes are just okay. I like it, but I feel like the portion sizes aren’t for everyone.

  3. Only the first two seasons. They forced it with the last two.

  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you so much and am so proud of you, always. Even on the more difficult days because you somehow never fail to find the strength to keep moving forward. So glad to have a friend like you by my side 💕

  5. Sorry to hear that Doxy is not sitting well with you. Are you taking tablets or capsules? I ask because I feel like you do when I take capsules. I do OK with tablets and have taken Doxy on and off for years.

  6. Wow! I thought of the same thing. Because the first time I was on caps and never felt like this. Now I’m on tablets and feel awful. I will def see if LLMD can prescribe caps again. Thanks for pointing this out!

  7. So funny, I just posted asking if a side effect of longer-term Doxy treatment could be contributing to me not being able to control my food intake. And then I see your post. Are you treating with Doxy?

  8. i think the same exact thing, it could explain in part why we're all so cranky and unhappy here. if you strike out with mainstream docs, i see an internist in waltham named jeanne hubbuch who is really a gem. she treats lyme, but doesn't take insurance so it's an expensive first appointment etc. i see dr. felsenstein at mgh in boston too who is in infectious disease and is definitely more open minded than most, she will treat as well.

  9. The doc in Waltham has been recommended to me twice now. Really debating on just paying out of pocket. Saw two infectious disease docs in Beth Israel Boston and they straight up turned me away. They were like we can’t help you. The fact that you were exposed to kittens with fleas is irrelevant. And the fact that you were positive for Lyme is also irrelevant. So thank you so much for the recs. How much was it to see Dr. Jeanne for the first visit?

  10. Omg I’m in mass and they refuse to give me more antibiotics even though I tested positive for Lyme and have all the symptoms and when I was on antibiotics they completely helped me to the point where I was ready to go back to work.

  11. I am in the same boat as you. I have similar symptoms and have no clue what’s wrong. I hope you figure it out soon ❤️

  12. Someone to come clean the bathroom every day. I would help! But having someone to do it with me would be the best.

  13. Every few boxes burn in my air fryer, too.

  14. Oh no! What temp and for how long do you air fry them for?

  15. Almost identical to you, 375/7min/flip. I think some just have more sugar. Don't get me wrong, we love these but some just burn if you don't watch them closely. They're even better if you whip some cream cheese/vanilla/powdered sugar.

  16. I had Lyme's disease for about 6 months before I finally got diagnosed by a Western Blot test. Had the same reaction to doxy as you, would feel bad, then good while on it, then the symptoms would come back after a course. I read that the feeling worse is the Lymes dying off. Something I found really really helpful was to take baths, as hot as I could stand, to get my body temperature up. After the first time I took a hot bath I felt absolutely awful, but the next morning I felt better than I had for ages.

  17. Amazing! Congratulations! I’m so glad you were able to recover. This gives me hope for my own journey. Thank you ❤️ I will also try the bath again. Every time I get out of the shower I feel awful. For some reason it makes me feel even worse, but maybe like you said, your body takes a minute to get used to it.

  18. Yes find a reputable Infectious Disease doc to walk you through this process, it sounds like you may have neuro lymes. I also had neuro lymes and i also initially took 3 cycles of doxy and saw a bunch of doctors. After ending up in the hospital with extreme dizzy spells, brain fog, facial sagging (palsy), memory loss, eye pain, photophobia, and facial twitching i finally got introduced to an Infectious Disease doc who got me started on intravenous antibiotics and on my way to recovery. She also set me up to have the PICC line inserted, spinal tap, brain scan, and very good rhumatologist for autoimmune testing, sounds very similar to your story. My Infectious disease doc said half her patients are there for lyme disease, my best recommendation is try not to waste your time with other doctors that don't specialize in lyme disease.

  19. Wow, your story sounds incredibly similar to mine. Sounds like I am on the way to needing a spinal tap. Can you tell me a little bit about what that was like for you? I guess I’m just a little upset because I thought the infectious disease doctor I saw would confirm Nuro Lyme, and instead they sent me home. Said that it couldn’t possibly be Lyme disease. It’s an incredibly frustrating process. How are you feeling now?

  20. My son's LLMD takes insurance. He is a neurologist who even applied to be a preferred provider when my son started seeing him. All office visits, blood draws, medications and tests are covered by our insurance. We straight up bought a Macy Pan hyperbaric chamber out of pocket even though our insurance would have paid for sessions in a hyperbaric chamber. But, we wanted the convenience of owning our own. Our insurance would pay for infrared sauna treatment but I had already built a fancy sauna for my son so no need to go that route. Most LLMDs should be set up for taking insurance. And for your medications make sure to apply for the manufacturer's coupons. We pay only a few dollars a month for meds because we sign up for those coupons. Medicaid should pay for most meds and treatments. The LLMD will need to diagnose with 'tick borne illness' or 'Bartonella' or 'Lyme', etc. If your LLMD isn't able to bill insurance, I wouldn't go see them.

  21. Do you mind if I ask how you found this doctor? Because whenever I Google search LLMDs in my area they are all incredibly expensive, and don’t take insurance. I’m surprised your insurance covers you for all of those treatments. Do you mind if I ask what insurance you have? I saw an infectious disease doctor in a really well-known hospital and he basically sent me home, refusing to prescribe me any more antibiotics because he said that I should have been cured after 30 - 40 days. He told me that chronic Lyme was not a thing, he was covered by my insurance, but was incredibly useless.

  22. If I’m understanding you correctly you definitely need a more knowledgeable LLMD who understands Lyme and coinfections. I have never heard of a LLMD suggesting a spinal tap. Secondly, any Dr that says you should be “cured” after a few cycles of antibiotics obviously doesn’t understand chronic Lyme.

  23. This is super helpful. Thank you. I just used the ILADS search and have some work to do on Monday morning by calling these doctors. Any specific questions you recommend asking as I try and go down the list? Also, what is the difference between IDSA & ILADS?

  24. Thank you to all of you for your compassionate and validating comments. Seriously, y’all are so kind. I’m currently looking at some of the suggestions made by everyone here as far as looking for a new Lyme doctor. Also, I found out from my PCP that I tested positive on the ANA blood test. Has anyone been diagnosed with Lyme and also tested positive for an autoimmune disease? Thank you again. I feel ready to keep fighting this battle after reading all of your reassuring comments. My hope has been renewed again now that I know that this, in fact, could be Lyme or Bartonella.

  25. I also have been feeling particularly unlike my usual happy self and I was recently diagnosed with Lyme. Well, until I went through 3 cycles of antibiotics and my infectious disease doc gave up and told me I didn’t have Lyme. Anyway, that’s a story for a different day. This disease really takes a toll on you mentally too, huh? I even recently apologized to some friends of mine for feeling like I was snapping at them all the time, and for not being able to participate in conversation the way I used to. I don’t have the energy for much lately either. So I get it. As for what I stay away from? Mostly sugar and alcohol. Both are things I loved to consume prior to this disease taking over my life. Good luck to you, I hope things get better for all of us sometime soon.

  26. AKA, once a "service dog" starts barking at other dogs, or tries to eat food off the table, or doesn't sit and stay where it's told to sit and stay (except in the event that it's doing its job and alerting the owner to something), that's not a true trained service dog.

  27. I have an actual service dog and this is a hundred percent accurate. It’s people like the customers OP described that really ruin it for our dogs, sometimes to the point where they have to retire. If there is an aggressive dog, it’s most likely not a real service animal. If it’s being sat on a chair, it’s not a service animal. My school, where I got my dog, teaches us how to enter a vehicle. They have us practice putting the dog on the floor into a down stay at our feet. Whenever drivers tell me that it’s ok for my dog to get on the seat, I politely decline for the sake of maintaining my dog’s training. It’s so awful. Public places that ask all other dogs be removed from the property (other than true service dogs) are my favorite. They make it a safe space for us people who genuinely need the dog by our side to help us navigate the world or alert us to a life threatening condition.

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