[Live Discussion] AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door

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  1. It's not impossible but he is definitely the worst VIP to defend by far. You have an absurd amount of time to kill him as attacking team. You're only going to defend him well in a very close game, which is rare on darkforest

  2. Healing is very, very efficient on the duke. If defending players know how to use their horns (e.g. not all at the same time) it's hard to whittle him down.

  3. Dave has always tried covering MMA to little success, people who aren't fans of wrestling won't subscribe to the Obeserver and the people that do sub just complain about having to sit through UFC stuff they don't care about.

  4. I am eternally grateful to Blachowicz for wrestle fucking Adesanya so we didn't have to contend with him defending in two divisions

  5. The shot of Bruce enthusiastically bouncing and screaming while Cannonier channels his chi was amazing

  6. I guess we know why the McMahon clan was there

  7. Evil Dave is on the verge of telling his subs to Observe this, brother

  8. I didn't watch this week because my favorite part of Dynamite was when a guy from New Japan would come out and Excalibur would yell his name.

  9. This happened to me on Falmire too, planted the bomb and then got kicked when it blew up since there were like 8 guys crowded in front of it

  10. I like Andy, but now Kevyns saying he's talking to Tokarski as well, and about the plan not changing looking for another goalie so my question is what is he planning to do? Sign 6 goalies and be prepared for the injury train again? Because if you plan on bringing Subban back in Roch that's 4 goalies already before getting to another in free agency and now you're log jamming UPL.

  11. I think Anderson can still go but I really hope we’ve seen the last of Tokarski at the NHL level

  12. I believe they said they were considering adding no horse versions of the Tenosia maps to the 64 player queue.

  13. If a guy kicks you in the face so fast that you have no idea what just hit you it's time to take the L and leave

  14. Garrus even advises Shepard to leave the decision to the council if he's in the party, iirc. They probably would have killed her though.

  15. Miro's disdain for Connors is funny. "This guy dares to try to hit me?"

  16. Now that I’m reading the pc chat as a console player who’s never seen it, I’m kinda glad I don’t have to read that shit. There are some really stupid mf’s talking out of their asses nonstop

  17. There was always some edgelord stuff but the chat has become a million times worse once it released on Steam.

  18. Maybe you think being in bloodbath brawls is beneath a wrestler of the caliber of Bryan but get this, it's his creative freedom and you have to like it.

  19. I’ve grown so accustomed to commentator DC in a suit looking like Kingpin that seeing him in fighting shape at 205 is weird to me now.

  20. Add more cosmetics for Tenosia ASAP. Only two armor sets, no heraldry or shield decorations makes everybody look like clones. In darker areas it's also hard to tell apart friend from foe.

  21. Excalibur: That’s… Jerkin Johnson!

  22. Having your show revolve around a bunch of guys from Japan randomly showing up is good for business, actually

  23. I was always partial to Legion’s “vulnerable anatomy shot!”

  24. If you want more Wimpod candy, it’s Bug/Water so Beedrill, Blastoise, Gyarados, or Slowbro.

  25. Definitely lots of smurfs starting over on Steam. You can tell as soon as you roll up on somebody with default heraldry that’s got moves. Also the inverse is fun where if you’re on Steam after playing a year on EGS and you can pinpoint when they realize it’s not a noob they’re fighting.

  26. talking about wich, is there a way to turn chat off?

  27. Settings -> Options -> Enable Chat. You can do it mid game, I usually have it on and turn it off if there's a bunch of morons in the server.

  28. Can someone explain why the fight was called? Did black shorts pass out on that choke??

  29. Jiri has made some big mistakes to allow Glover to stay in the fight

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