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  1. As a Stray fan, imo, it is better than Elden Ring.

  2. Tate Eboshi and the chick from Darkness in the Capital killed me the most I'm pretty sure but those are great bosses, Otakemaru/Nightmare Bringer are frustrating trash

  3. Just the colleseum interior and hairstyles I believe, there’s also the cut dream brew quest line that “might” make an appearance, although I’m not certain. The pigtails in the trailer confirm new hairstyles

  4. Guy has been wishing for this about a year before Elden Ring even released.

  5. This is actually bad news for him because now he thinks we won't get a DLC announcement at The Game Awards

  6. I'm actually starting to think the same way. What if the colloseums are the DLC?

  7. Would be a bad move from them business wise considering Elden Ring is their biggest and most successive title

  8. Him not milking his successful games is not a reason to hate him. He wants to make original worlds all the time because he's the best at that

  9. Dude Loretta 2 isn't even a good boss, Tree Sentinel is a way better horse boss.

  10. Cope with the fact that DS3 bosses aren't as good as you think brother

  11. Reasoning: I don’t find those bosses fun to fight because my brain says so

  12. But you gotta understand when you don't say why you think they're not good bosses your ''hot take'' has no substance so why should anyone give a shit about it?

  13. Blasphemous Blade is just way too cheesy and overpowered which is why I didn't vote for it, cool weapon tho!

  14. Old Hunters overall but I would say Gael edges out Ludwig just barely for best boss in the series for me.

  15. Yes I did, Bloodborne is my favorite game in general followed by Elden Ring

  16. idk i honestly like the boss runs because it makes me more afraid to die to the boss

  17. I get it you're a zoomer you use the cool kid words like ''based'' and ''cope'' you are very cool

  18. "Weeb game bad" is pretty much the only reason

  19. Saying anything is “objectively” better in any medium is super stupid.

  20. So The Godfather isn't objectively a better movie than The Room? The Witcher 3 isn't an objectively better game than Superman 64?

  21. Yes, Elden Ring is their best game to date. You surprised nostalgia fucker? Stay in the past

  22. Probably the worst hitbox in the series? The only truly bad hitbox I can think of in ds2.

  23. You don't need tips, just play the game. If you're played the others you know what to expect.

  24. Red Dead Redemption 2 would like a word with you

  25. Good looking game graphically, but there's nothing special about the art direction, to me at least

  26. They deserve the fuck out of these completely meaningless awards.

  27. Wtf ? I was complimenting him no need to be an idiot bro

  28. Man you’re upset that your streamer looks stupid because of you and your own video murdered your argument!

  29. The only idiot here is you. He didn't even get the chance to experiment with the puzzle without immediately being told what to do. Literally can't spend 10 seconds trying to figure out a puzzle solution without being told the answer right away.

  30. I don’t know how people can watch this and not get irritated lmao

  31. When the game treats you like an idiot and doesn't even let you think about a puzzle solution for 3 seconds it's hard not to have that reaction. An episode of Dora the Explorer hand holds you less than God of War at times.

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