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  1. Complaining won’t get me to cast your kid in the spring musical. Donating money to the show might though…

  2. My district lets anyone take anything they want because they don’t want “tracking” of students. Our AP physics teacher is constantly going to admin, guidance and parents about students placed in his class who haven’t taken/passed Algebra 2.

  3. I have no idea who made this image, but it looks like she’s Madoka from Plura Magi Madoka Magica.

  4. So does that mean that she died in hell after Denji ate her and then came back to earth?

  5. Yeah. But we don’t know what killed her (or what killed that Control Devil iteration).

  6. !dream "Anime Art, Anime key visual of Elegant young female, Long blonde Hair and Large Eyes, Finely Detailed perfect Face, Laying down in the grass at Sunset, Golden Hour Sunset Lighting, BACKGROUND BLUR BOKEH!!, trending on Pixiv fanbox, Studio ghibli, Extremely High Quality Artwork" -t -H 768 -C 17.0 -n 9 -i -A k_euler_ancestral -s 150

  7. I'm a teacher, but not in the USA. We've had "intrusion" plans since the 2015 terrorist attacks and we practice them once a year, but I know we're not very likely to ever have to use them. I feel very sad about teachers in the USA who have to live with knowing that they could be faced with this kind of situation. It just disgusts me that nothing has been done to solve this issue.

  8. Not an expert, but as a Texan, I think that it has to do with different groups coming into conflict, or “simple” agent unalignment.

  9. And they refuse to give us days off to vote against these stupid people.

  10. doesn't really matter when said group has the working memory of a house fly

  11. It looks like she is an anti-shipper, too. She seems to be one of those people that believes fics involving explicit content with a minor is equivalent to the real-life crime and should not be hosted on AO3.

  12. Muslim here. From what I can tell, its the line that is said before every surah in the Quran (except surah 9). If I can remember it means:

  13. Thanks! I had no idea it was real. That was an interesting video - esp about the short story of infinite library of books.

  14. Probably, or at least their frontal lobe would be deactivated. Though this depends on wether you think Sayaka was unconscious during the bridge sene or not- if she actually was then that implies that the brain is nessisary so stuff would probably be happening there.

  15. I’ll have to check, but huge analysis series/videos tend to come out when the series is over because the manga can’t say anything else that could contradict the entire point the analysis was making. (Excluding extra sequels, of course)

  16. Being able to freely iterate your output just adds so much to the creative process. In Dalle2 every prompt feels like a potential failure and risk while in SD it feels more like an opportunity

  17. The visuals were cool, and seeing Sayaka not suffering was fun. (Though I am a bit biased since I’m not a Rebellion fan)

  18. Bro I’ve confused friendliness with flirtiness and vice versa. Gotta learn the signs or I’ll just need a more obvious hint.

  19. Well, given my experience with both mainstream media and fanfic, there’s three main categories:

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