1. 1920 x 1200 (16:10), 144hz, 400NITS IPS display. CPU AMD Ryzen 7 6800HS, SSD 980 (Samsung) and 1TB (the computer originally came with 512GB), 16GB of DDR5 RAM, GPU is AMD Radeon RX 6700S with 8GB of VRAM.

  2. I have a 2070 max q M15 and besides de repasting I had to do, it’s the best laptop I have owned , and that includes a Razer. Build quality is good, screen is excellent (240hz version) and with power boost disabled it runs at 85 C max. It’s not the latest and greatest but runs every game I throw at it at high/ ultra settings with 60+ FPS

  3. Stupid question but is this thermal paste replacement for cpu and gpu and is it better?

  4. Not a stupid question, so don't worry. While there would be plenty of post already covering it, it helps to get it out to more people.

  5. okay wow that did increase the fps to above 200.

  6. Also try disabling 3D audio or something. It does not do much but does affect fps

  7. Just in general is it a good idea to buy on ebay? Is there anything to lookout for?

  8. I bought two laptops on eBay over the last 3 years. Always ask the seller if there are any scratches or marks on the screen. Especially if they add something like: “laptop is sold as seen”. Always buy from sellers that offer returns and have good reviews.

  9. Thanks for the advice... what about if it's like a certified refurbished by ebay or another authorized seller?

  10. Don’t break the extra m.2’s screw holder like I did. Have a properly sized screwdriver to unscrew it.

  11. Completely off topic , but How did you brake it? I have mine stuck even with the right size screwdriver. I have an additional 1tb SSD but can’t install it (Zephyrus M15) because of the stuck screw

  12. Do you still have warranty? It seems the mobo got fried. It’s better to have asus make that claim and see what a new one costs.

  13. Bruh, do you even have any clue what you talking about? 1. RTX 2070ti doesnt exist 2. 2070 supers are on laptops as well and 3. theres not such thing as RTX 3060 TI laptop.

  14. I have this one. All I can say is obviously upgrade the RAM. I maxed it at 2x16GB and it’s a powerhouse. Ive been playing MW2 when I’m not at home and it runs well. I get consistent 75-90 FPS on Medium which is great for what I wanted it for. It’s my work/play laptop. It honestly surprised me.

  15. You get 70-90 fps on MW2? That is in single player mode or war zone 2.0 and what res? Seems very high for a 1650

  16. Yeah, I have that setting too. Thanks!

  17. So there are two sets of fans that fit this laptop:

  18. I purchased one for $430 second hand and I'm enjoying the experience. Some minor issues I have with it include a cheap looking RGB keyboard (LED bleed), loud fans (thermals are fine, though), as well as minor ghosting. Other than that, I love it. It's very powerful, especially for the price you're getting it at. However, most of all, my favorite part about this laptop is the looks. It's simple, understated, clean. No other brand has this nice looking of a laptop, minus Lenovo with their Legion series.

  19. This is the quickest question/advise post being closed I have come across at this sub! Which specs did you get , besides the OLED screen?

  20. Smarties hava entered the discussion, and yes i do agree

  21. On every single laptop that has a dedicated video card, you will get max 2 hours of gaming time when playing games that use the dedicated video card.

  22. PC only. I don’t understand what you mean by that. Care to elaborate? We are suggesting a computer/laptop, no? What, did you think I was gonna suggest Texas Instruments calculator?

  23. No need to be like that my friend. I believe he means no MacBook since he already owns one.

  24. It could be literally in Mexico. Import tariffs, taxed and shipping fees can run into hundreds of dollars. Let alone if you live in Europe and shipping from the US.

  25. Sure. Probably doesn’t really matter, I doubt the GPU is going to be blasting past that much in 4k on the laptop screen.

  26. Yes good point. I decided to go with another laptop with FHD screen and a 2070 max q. That one has a 230mh refresh rate. I appreciate the input

  27. I think it is a good deal for a 17 Inches r. You could have gotten a good used one on eBay for the same price with a 2060 or 2070. But new i think it a good deal

  28. The scratch on the screen is on you to decide if you can live with. the extra 75 bucks does get you a few things like a slightly better cpu kinda (they're basically the same from what I've seen but there might be some improvements in longevity with design), better gpu and better screen kinda seem worth it to me.

  29. Thanks! And I Would agree it is worth the 75 usd extra. I also read somewhere that the 144 hz screen is not of the same quality of the 240hz RGB wise. I sent you a chat with a pic of the scratch

  30. Si I ended up going for the 2070 version. Overall it seems worth the extra money and I am still protected if seller sends me a box of books

  31. I bought a used Razer blade 14 from 2016. The build quality is incredible and it still has the original battery with no issues. I did undervolt the cpu because of thermal throttle. I don’t think razer is garbage as others have commented. Is it (too) expensive? Maybe so. but I do think the build quality justifies some of it.

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