1. I listen to Mexican Fender pretty much every day. One of my favorite songs by Weezer

  2. blink fans when they finally stop making the same meme over and over:

  3. Not sure if Anthem is considered a popular song but I just can't stand the chorus in that song, quite unfortunate since I really like the verse

  4. Three come to mind. All The Small Things, Feelin This, and Rock Show.

  5. Don’t remind me of getting up at 5:30am tomorrow. Work sucks! I know.

  6. Mark looks like he's not a member of any of the two bands but just happened to walk in to the picture

  7. Toms voice on the last AVA tour was the best its been in a while. Illan had been showing him proper vocal warm ups and stuff.

  8. That's really awesome. I just got into Blink like a few months ago and I'm really sad to have missed Tom but hope he will be back

  9. He completely fucked my perception of self harm for a long time, and to this day it linger just a little little bit. But thankfully I'm not stupid anymore

  10. Dont worry buddy i can give you a ride, where do you want to be?

  11. You sure that’s where you want to be? I heard that those la girlz don’t act their age.

  12. Yeah that's unfortunately true but the California kids will throw me a life line if things go south

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