1. People keep saying he broke up with her, blindsided her or whatever but this isn’t how Kim acts when she got broken up with

  2. Most rational people realize this. It’s just his fans are a cult that bully people and are delusional like him

  3. She’s been using him since 2018 , she was a nobody , she agrees with him because she’s a grifter , every now and then she somewhat makes sense but I doubt she believes most of the stuff she’s saying, Kanye really didn’t have anything to gain from being associated with her during that time but just have a yes person to agree with him when he’s being irrational

  4. He tweeted about her, reached out to her, and invited her to LA and all these diff places because he agreed with her political takes

  5. Why do you keep trying to make Ye’s behavior about the KarJenners? They’re not supporting it. None of them are even there

  6. Because at the end of the day it is indeed interwoven even if they were not there. They are apart of the same circle my dear. They both benefits from demoralizing and dehumanizing a subset of individuals. Where one is the other will follow. He and the KarJenners are divorced “legally” but they too still perpetuate the same narcissist egotistical behavior as Kanye does! Both are the same. two truths can live in the same room. Just like two things can be called out at the same time. Think bigger.

  7. Two peas in a pod. Literally commiserating with the woman who called the mother of your kids a prostitute. He’s getting no sympathy from me ever

  8. North and Saint are old enough to come across what she said about their mom. Imagine how they feel seeing her there and with their dad

  9. The irony. Ye fans spent so much time denying that he’s the same as her. He blamed her when he got bad press for blexit and she went into detail about how he backstabbed her. They hold the same views

  10. Oh I didn't know if they were still tight, I guess they are. I wonder if the kids will be there to see the woman who called their mother a prostitute and grandmother a pimp..

  11. They are. His fans always deny it but he was involved with Blexit and he agrees with her views

  12. He uses people to attack. Remember when Azealia said he contacted her and asked her to go after Lana Del Ray. I’m glad Kim is avoiding the shit show

  13. Kim's blonde hair lasting this long and being skinny, kinda makes sense now....

  14. I would hate to be Kim In this situation, he dated Irina, Venetria, Julia, Chanye and now Candice and she dated Pete…

  15. Where did Kim say she changed Pete’s life? He was literally with Ariana grande lmao if anybody did it was her … women have been drooling over Pete since Ariana. It did not start with Kim 💀 she is wayyyyy too egotistical if she actually said some shit like that

  16. the key detail people keep leaving out is the sex tape was made before Paris’ leaked and she shot to fame

  17. A lot of the people on this sub already hate the Kardashians ironically so they catastrophize everything

  18. So why can Kim use him sexually for her gain but he’s the bad guy when giving her the same treatment. Come on now.

  19. He was celebrating the tape when it came out and mocking Kim. He has been bringing it up and taunting her for years. He uses it to sexually degrade her and hype himself up. Ray J has been disgusting to women he’s involved with. Stop trying to victimize him

  20. You are victimizing him. He didn’t even provide receipts and was trying to hide the messages of him being thirsty in Kim’s DM’s after the divorce

  21. Ye still talks about her constantly. He lashes out at her when he’s not getting his way, forces her to meet with him and posts texts between them. Her and Pete broke up and he’s still insulting him

  22. Nothing but people are seriously eating anything Ray J says up. The tape was made in Cabo years before it leaked

  23. Kanye had so many planned pap walks after his breakup w Kim though? He even managed to find someone that looks like her lol

  24. Yes people are trying to find so many excuses to make this different so it doesn’t come off as misogynistic but Ye and Irina did a roll out, Ye and Julia did the most and before he broke up with Chaney he was doing pap walks with her

  25. “she has lots of options” 🙄 honestly why can’t she be relatable for once and say “wow I’m hurt by this breakup” “I didn’t see this coming” “sometimes I feel like no one will want to be with a thrice divorcée and mother of four”

  26. Why’s everyone so defensive over him potentially dating some women?? You don’t think a rich man would fuck whomever model he wants ? What are y’all trying to prove here

  27. because he’s hooking up with all these young girls like Scott so Ye fans make these threads then try to argue he wasn’t with the girl when someone points out their age. It’s weird

  28. “people are doing the most” kim introduced him to her kids, he was spotted out with her son & daughter solo & he tattooed their initials on himself all within those 9 months. can you blame them?

  29. When they were dating, people kept calling it PR, a rebound, etc. Now that they broke up many of those people are rewriting history to try to make this dramatic ?, some attempt to mock Kim by writing fiction about how it ended

  30. Your theory assumes Pete getting tats means it was serious for him, but it doesn't. His tats are merely a timeline for him, like a souvenir from a trip. You enjoyed the trip, made some great memories but that doesn't mean you wanna move there.

  31. He branded her name on his chest and tattooed the initials of her 4 kids. Are you saying that wasn’t serious for him? What was the point of the effort he put in to bond with her kids then?

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