1. Wow, one of the only cosplays i think that is close to accurate. Obviously the age doesn't match but i could think that nagatoro could look like that.

  2. Er grüßt die bayern? Unsympathisch...

  3. I should have kept better track but I estimate around 60 hours on the Bambu p1p and that is my fastest printer by far.

  4. That is suprisingly fast. Tho i think that it will be over 100 with my Anycubic Vyper. But thanks.

  5. No hate to that guy but this sub feels like a karma farm.

  6. filing cabinets. currently have 2 full size full of instructions.

  7. Why do so many people find pcs in the garbage?

  8. Absolut ehrenlos sowas. Bei uns haben Gäste immer mitgegessen.

  9. Bei uns werden Gäste immer mit gegessen

  10. Lindner ist jetzt meine FemJungen Vorstellung. So wähle ich ihn als Kanzler. Aber natürlich nur mit Kanzlersocken.

  11. Thats why i will never buy used hatdware

  12. They dont even answer. They just ask another question.

  13. Left lane is Formula 1 where min speed is 200. Right lanes are trucks. Middle lane are people that dont know that the Autobahn has 3 lanes.

  14. is this a whole world situation or just for one country?

  15. Europe seems pretty stable. Havent heard much from german banks.

  16. Was like:"hey i know this dude". And i first thought you were the 3d print....

  17. Tbh, i dont get whats scary about it. Especially nowyiu knos when it happens.

  18. Oh god, i was trapped. How can people be so dumb?

  19. First off, why should it be fucked? Second, how can you fuck that up? Third, in what universe does it draw 600Watts?

  20. I see how they get in, but how do they get out?

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