1. Ulquiorra beats obito or shanks. The real question is whose stronger shanks or obito. Pain vs akainu would be utterly filthy too. I’m probably taking akainu though

  2. Nah, the problem with Obito is that unless someone's got a hard counter to Kamui, he's basically untouchable.

  3. Zaraki said somtin about katana and laughed, two best onichan finally met each other and... ZORO USED GETSUGA TENSHO WHATHEFLUCK!?

  4. It never would. The time for a crossover between the big three has long-since passed by at least a decade

  5. Before Jump Force was shutdown, I was thinking it was gone be something like this mixed with J-stars. I was sadly disappointed. Was a interesting game, I wish I could mod it on my ps4 now that it’s basically rare.

  6. why there is same anime ppl i want to see zoro vs guts that fight better than others

  7. If you want to help animate any scene of the tournament, we will gladly accept any help we can get, we are not many people. Dm us here or on instagram @big3animetournament

  8. Whats wrong with this post? I want to know to see if I can fix anything

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