1. FINALLY! It's been a long time since this fandom rejoice....

  2. It's been a long time, now to all Corpse Party fan.... REJOICE 🥳

  3. Well it's justify since a lot people not like him in many aspect, beside his annoying voice which im not really concerned about it...

  4. paimon is 100% not even CLOSE to how bad people say she is, and you are probably just repeating what everyone is saying

  5. Well as far I'm observe on older post, they just hate him on his voice... I'm only say another aspect why people hate her, including my opinion (Which you can disagree)

  6. Mantaplah ada geng... Mnat ni franchise since 2015 lagi

  7. Yup, Trigger for me has the potential to be one of the best New Gen show such like Z, it has best design, best fighting scene, a good angle of shooting, a good character (Eventhough it only focused on triplets) and a good MC (perhaps?) , which is Kengo (smile smile)... It's like you have a good mark A, (Maybe for the chatacter are B) at all subject except one, and it's only C, which is a storyline... The storyline and the hype as the New Generation Tiga was became it huge backdrop to the show...

  8. Trigger is the worst Ultraman you could've started out with. And while Decker isn't perfect, its way better than Trigger.

  9. Well... Trigger was my first new gen after show after Mebius show ended... The reason why i watch Trigger because it's Tiga New Generation (Just like other kid in Malaysian back there, Tiga was one of our childhood)... Eventhough it's not very good just like most people expected, it convince me to watch Z, which a beautiful gem in new gen show... And after I'm finished watching Z, I'm proceed to watch Geed (since Riku made cameo on Z)... And after Decker last episode aired, I'm gonna try to watch Orb (Since Juggler was Hebikura at Z)

  10. Oh yeah, it's deffo an improvement. I'm sure even people who enjoyed Trigger would agree Decker is the better show. You don't really need to watch Trigger to understand it tbh, since the show explains most of Trigger's story anyways.

  11. As a Trigger fan, I'm agree Decker show is better than Trigger itself

  12. Masalah bukan MP tu suruh tone down. Masalah nya dia buat social media posting macam hero. Pejuang islam konon. So bila buat mcm tu, of course la 'other side' pun offended. Islam vs Bukan Islam.

  13. Rasanya MP tu buat bgitu spaya ada bukti yg dia buat kerja sbg Wakil Rakyat... Lagi satu, bnda dah dpt rungutan dari masyarakat setempat, x salah pun dia buat tindakan... Ni bkn crita MP nak jadi herobke apa, this is about how you handle the situation, and the MP done it

  14. Bagi aq subreddit tu byk org2 yg berfikiran trlmapu liberal, klau x pun drg mmg hipokrit

  15. Personally I didnt enjoy Deal and her other takes on the next-gen. Her artworks are great, but I say the artist have a lot to work on when it comes to writing. Though I understand she isn't English speaking, so I can forgive her for that

  16. Owh, the creator of that fanfic was not English... Well gor the storyline, for me it's best although there many thing that can add up...

  17. Tbh I find the storyline pretty covoluted... And well certain elements could really be rewritten better. It has a promising set-up, with how the new gen deals with Bill and perhaps WMG 2.0

  18. Yeah, i can agree the storyline was covolited, since it's not a fully comic and which make some readers confused on what happened on some event, since the previous post doesn't give a proper explanation...

  19. I suppose the lesson that should be taken from this is to just be respectful to people. Accept criticism with respect and criticize with respect. There's nothing wrong with liking a flawed show or criticizing someone's work because of the flaws you see in them. So don't make shit up just to paint people that you disagree with in a bad light

  20. Your statement must to be highlighted... Your just help the Trigger fans feel happy about that show 👍🏻

  21. There was a post earlier that accused users of this sub of sending death threats towards Raiga Terasaka (Kengo Manaka's actor)

  22. It's must be hurt to see this, especially if you Trigger fans

  23. Before this I'm remember one of our folks (kayubatu) has spread a meme about GVX (Ginga Victory X) making a deal with kaiju dolls.. Now we have another version of it 👍🏻


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