1. I’d believe it. More than me, for sure, but I’m not the one spewing crap all over the Internet about how awesome I am….

  2. cut me of in the middle of my comment...terrible internet today. my uncle was really controlling like that. i was allowed to go to work and school and that was it. i had to make fake work schedules to do anything else. sometimes he'd follow me places and sit in his truck and spy on me to make sure i was where i was supposed to be or because he was pissed i was somwewhere i wasn't supposed to be. he controlled my whole life. i left a couple years ago.

  3. You’re a fully formed functioning adult. Time to fight fire with fire. I don’t advocate stealing but you may just want to pack your things. pawn as much of the abusers things in the house as you can and fly yourself to Seattle. Open a bank account in your name. hide all of that info and when they get back. Don’t be there. cut all contact again. change numbers. Delete all socials. reinvent yourself for your move. get yourself settled and then get your bf out. You are NOT alone in this. We’ve got your back hon.

  4. The most you can do is move without telling them where you moved and transfer all the money in your bank accounts to accounts they don't know about. What are the chances you can buy a plane ticket to your boyfriend and end up there in the time your abusers are gone?

  5. And I have no money in my bank accounts (it's a long story), so I use CashApp cards and I also have 1 credit card that I use, in place of bank accounts.

  6. Go to court. Sure, ur abusers will be notified, but then they'll actually have to bring evidence for their baseless claims. Get a lawyer who is well versed in manipulative abusers, yours seem clever and probably have a higher social ranking or carefully constructed "public face".

  7. this sound a lot like what i went through, just go to the police, i dont know if there is a way to not get ur abusers notified, do u have any proof of the abuse? text messages? anything? file a report cut them out of your life, do u have any family or friends that could support you?

  8. Can you find a shelter to go to for victims of domestic violence? If you are an adult and leave, they have no legal recourse for forcing you back, unless they've declared you mentally incompetent. Living with them, even with a restraining order, is not safe for you. Go to work and then disappear. Get a new job and move to a new town if you can. Avoid friends that they know of. Find a victim's advocate. Press charges for false imprisonment. There may be programs that can help you with legal representation. See if you can get a psychological evaluation to prove you are of sound mind and able to take care of yourself. You may be eligible for government programs such as housing assistance, food stamps, and Medicaid. It's a long process, with lots of hoops to jump through, but the more resources you have access to, the greater the chance you can successfully get away. If you are a minor, file for legal emancipation. They likely want to claim you as a dependent on their taxes, too. Update and let us know if you're safe. Good luck! You are strong, you can do this!

  9. I am sorry I really don’t know. I can try to find out but may take a while to hear back. He just told me that they were very helpful.

  10. I don't think a lot of independent brokers do, but there are call center based ones (yes, I know), that will pay for their agent's training and CE.

  11. What do you think is better for me to work in long term? I already have a certification as a travel agent. So what would be great as a second certification - insurance or as a CCA (call center agent)?

  12. Depends. If you are already licensed, that's a plus, but call centers of course have high turnovers, if the market is good for travel agents, then I'd say stick with it, but I don't know anything about that industry. I can give you the name of the company I work for in a, but I won't do it in an open forum. Yes, I know that is kind of counterproductive in an antiwork group, but anything that may improve your situation is worth looking at, is it not?

  13. That's true. Like I said, I was unemployed for 2 years before earning my travel agent's certification. Before then, the only jobs that were desperate to hire me were sales positions - and I (having already worked in sales) was sick and tired of it. I was unemployed for 2 years because I was feverishly trying to find jobs in anything other than sales or temp jobs. I immediately tried data entry, customer service, call centers (my mother works in customer service and has for 22 years now, but little did I know she had to get certified - she dropped out of college in '83 from a 2 year school and worked at a software company, creating floppy disks from 1985 to '92 - and then various jobs until 2000, when she got her customer service job).

  14. Hey OP, I'd highly recommend you talk to a therapist about this. It sounds like you have a lot of things to work through regarding this man and how you perceive him. I don't think most of us here will have much advice to give on the matter since it's not super in our scope

  15. I am very skeptical of therapy. I come from a dysfunctional family myself, and my mother put me in therapy for 10 years - but she ended up always speaking for me (without my consent) and basically stealing the time we had every single session. She ended up gaslighting therapists and psychiatrists, and I became addicted to prescription pills, from age 17 to age 23, because of all her lies; but I'm 2 years sober, despite the fact that I still live with her. I'm 25, turning 26, and even my own mother treats me like her accessory and not her son. But long story short, I started a new job recently, after being unemployed, on and off, since 2020 to save money to move out of state, and basically start a whole new life - without contact from family, or anyone I know in my small towns I grew up in.

  16. Mariah Carey's entire debut album. Highlights: "All In Your Mind", "Vanishing", "Vision of Love", but there are so many more.

  17. I'm black and part Irish-American myself. Conor's not my type, but looking at him shirtless and nude turns me on....

  18. I don't think she's a psychopath. I think she has out of control BPD and bipolar, with maladaptive ways of getting her needs met that she seems incapable of truly examining or addressing.

  19. Well, was she ever violent toward you? Or did she ever send violent people to harm you in any way (even through lectures or disciplining you)?

  20. Yes. She would fly into rages and be very violent. I can't watch anything where a mother is banging on or trying to break down a child's door because of it.

  21. Yes - her half brother is Eagle Eye Cherry. "Save Tonight" is an awesome record too! I loved his acoustic, yet indie rock style. Especially for '98 - that was the sound back then.

  22. Her stepfather is Don Cherry. Her biological father is Amadu Jah; he wasn't active in her life, so when her mother married Don, Neneh took his surname. Don is Eagle Eye's biological father.

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