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  1. Good job! (I better not see some dumb high level pro insulting this guy for only soloing molten 3 times at a slow speed or smth like that like bruh this guy is a beginner. If anyone leaves a stupid comment like that I am going to rip your spinal cord out)

  2. Guys it's 2022 stop it with the among us memes just stop Plz

  3. I'm not racist but remember 9/11 there were no guns involved....Yet, hundreds of thousands of people still died...

  4. Bro... I watch Japanese series with English subtitles... That's not a gift right? It's ez

  5. Final upgrade weapon looks like Accel's weapon lol

  6. Imagine that Freezer can do burst of freeze instead of burst of damage

  7. If this submission makes you go "Hol'Up", UPVOTE this comment!

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