1. Hukilau Lanai for anything? You have to be kidding me. Some of the worst food on the island, and most of the dishes are from the mainland and not here. Agree with everything else.

  2. What u mean the dishes are from the mainland? They prepare them on the mainland then fly them over?

  3. Don't even bother. Place is swarmed with dozens of tourists every fricking morning.

  4. Every restaurant on Kauai worth eating at is swarmed with tourists since we had open up. Cooking at home a lot more nowadays.

  5. Rounds with friends are always fun, but I find that playing alone helps my game a lot. And I play better alone too!

  6. is this a joke , has to be, dudes out here yielding a quarter oz from 3 plants, LMFAO

  7. Do you have a hard time reading or what? It’s day 41? They just started to flower. 😂

  8. Whats your ph looking like? Ive been working through a similar issue on mine

  9. also, this is how bad their autos yield, this dude got 3 plants and less than a quarter oz inbound,

  10. You are not stating you strain, it matters.

  11. What’s the ambient temp in the garage? If it’s above 80 in there it’s gonna be tough without AC.

  12. If you're talking about the colouring, its a natural end of life fade. Your buds are massive and you're gonna enjoy it.

  13. Yeah basically the leaves are all dying! But if that’s normal then it’s all good! It’s my first real grow so I’m stoked.

  14. What kind of lighting? Can’t tell it’s it’s two ts600s or t1000s

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