1. Every single person who’s worked in healthcare for any length of time knows that cloth and surgical masks didn’t protect anyone from jack shit, and we’ve known it for 30-odd years. The science there hasn’t changed in decades. They’re used in surgical units to prevent particulates from the nose and mouth dropping into open people. Not to reduce the spread of common airborne viruses.

  2. Try to explain this to “intellectuals” like that guy and they think you are crazy.

  3. Hard pass. No sense arguing with a brick wall of stupid. Just proves there are two idiots.

  4. If he "regularly defends them" then you should have no problem telling us which ones he's defended. I'll wait.

  5. Yeah, it’s almost like this guy doesn’t know anything about Crowder or his show and he’s just talking out of his pansy liberal ass…

  6. I worked in a hospital, was in our Covid unit daily. And I knew they were lying, without question. So did my coworkers. They KNEW they were lying, and they STILL took the damn jab when they were forced.

  7. You’re misrepresenting their view. They aren’t “against” providing help for food or healthcare. They’re against forcing people to pay for it via government and they understand that there’s more waste and misappropriation of funds at the federal level. They believe that the best way to do charity is at a community, local level, and that you cannot force someone to work for free.

  8. Super. I’m for it. Less psychos having children, or murdering innocent children.

  9. Will Gavin Newsome add this to the list of things Californians who fled to Florida are missing out on?

  10. Probably for the best. The important thing is to feel sorry for everyone involved.

  11. Also, isn't treatment for an ectopic pregnancy not abortion? I've read those are totally different operations.

  12. Correct. The purpose of treating ectopic pregnancy is to prevent rupture which leads to internal bleeding and possibly death. Ectopics make up 1-2% of all pregnancies, and in 93% of those, a fetus either never forms, or is already “dead” ie: without a heartbeat.

  13. If she was denied treatment, she should sue. No doctor who wasn’t deliberately virtue-signaling would delay treatment for a ruptured ectopic. This is a bullshit story.

  14. She thinks this is a gotcha piece, but in actuality, she's just outing herself as having a double-digit IQ.

  15. Wasn’t he pro-life back in like, the 90’s?

  16. He’s been flipping on positions for votes for eons. He’s a pander-bear, always has been.

  17. Pretty sure it’s the Left who’s been making the case that he’s a moron. And according to the Left, he’s a pompous, dithering idiot, or he’s a fucking criminal mastermind, depending on what they’re trying to pretend that he did.

  18. Don’t breathe, don’t breathe, don’t breathe… am I downwind, or up?… need to go faster

  19. Why do people insist that Pro-Life is purely religious? It is the scientific argument. I don’t need to bring up God or religion in the conversation.

  20. I’m so sick of the idiots that don’t understand the difference between miscarrying and MURDERING your child so you can then remove it.

  21. It’s the complete lack of self awareness for me… it’s like they’re looking in a mirror and describing what they’re seeing… the projection. It’s strong with this one.

  22. I’m married with two kids, and I have little sympathy for the DINKs out there who voted for Biden complaining about skyrocketing costs. Go cry some more about the mean tweeting orange man.

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