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  1. i would say that in modern times, a revolver is a unique weapon for offense. can you really say 5-6 shots is a good defense weapon though?

  2. Per the FBI, what percentage of justified defensive shootings fire more than 5 rounds?

  3. Fair enough. I carry a G48 with two 15 round mags. But statistics say over 90% of defensive shootings fire 3 rounds or less, in 3 seconds, from 3 feet and in.

  4. You are arguing against a point I’m not making. But to correct your last statement, a buffer tube is essential to the function of the gun. Why don’t you post the old definition of an sbr and stock? It will answer your question, and reaffirm what I just said.

  5. Or, instead of comparing it to something it's not, why not just post the letters the ATF sent to brace manufacturers stating that they do not constitute a stock. SB tactical has the letters posted on their page. It's easy enough to find.

  6. Talking about the buffer tube… again you are trying to argue against something I never said.

  7. I know, and despite my best efforts, you still don't get it. So I'm not going to try anymore. Good day, Sir. You'll get no further replies from me.

  8. They'll end up on a 10 sec video of the cops solving their problems for good. Then we'll hear alllllll about how they were good kids that were getting their lives in order, while more thugs burn cities in what the media describes as "firey, but mostly peaceful protests", in their honor.

  9. Tbh I love it lol for some reason I knew people were going to ask that question lmao

  10. Because people that never used one heard someone else shit on them, so in true reddit fashion, they follow along.

  11. True. But to be safe, you probably shouldn't use dissimilar charged lithium batteries in any device. There are several incidents of such happening in various types of devices using dissimilar charged batteries, only most of the time, people weren't holding them in their mouths.

  12. They are literally not just balls of fat. Lemme see you feed a child with your fat ass belly.

  13. Either work out, find a guy with a fat chick fetish, or have nipples put on your flab.

  14. Looks like you’re in the Nashville airport on their old carpet

  15. Are we implying that people do these things to women and no one thinks it's wrong? Cause that seems like a pretty big strawman if you ask me...

  16. Are we implying that people do these things to women and no one thinks it's wrong?

  17. Not sure what he's mixed with, but don't feed him after 10pm.

  18. Wow, I love the same post every week getting a shit ton of attention for no reason

  19. If the tiger wanted her hurt, there would be a grease spot on the ground and a few bones in the shape of ol' Becky there.

  20. Chasen Johnson is the clear winner to me, my inner middle school bully is elated.

  21. Ay yes, time for the annual same exact question.

  22. We get it. You're a Fudd that's been here for years. Good for you!!!!

  23. its funny how white americans will try to victimize themselves and make it out to be like a race war from isolated incidents like this but will turn a blind eye to these several dozens of cases of white males going on shooting sprees targeting minority groups. im not trying to make compare the deaths either because murder is always horrible but hundreds if not thousands more minorities have died at the hands of hateful white men than vice versa

  24. Is this an actual game? I have retro bowl, but can't find a college version.

  25. Brutal. Another way to look at it is that the homeless person helped her address her brain tumor...

  26. Their barrel lining cracks after a few thousand rounds. And when you bitch about it they tell you that you aren’t supposed to shoot more than 12-15 rounds a minute. They are fucking lame. I’d never buy any of their shit except accessories. Fuck BCM. There are multiple videos about their shit barrels and customer service.

  27. Never heard of such, or had any issues. I'll keep an eye on the few I have and see if I notice anything. I've got one getting close to 20k through it. I'll scope it this evening and see how it looks.

  28. I didn’t buy a BCM mostly because of the issues with customer service. Everyone has some shit slip by QC. But telling people they can’t fire more than 12-15 rounds a minute and being a bitch ass about replacing it? No thanks. I want a company that stands behind their product, not one that cries and tells you to shop elsewhere when they make a mistake.

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