Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion

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  1. You know elevated cortisol caused by stress can cause degradation of soft and firm tissues right? Like, this subreddit is really fucking creepy in wanting their post apocalypse teenager to have perfect young skin lmao. Buffalo Bills the lot of ya

  2. Well, by that logic, Ellie should be also balding, complaining about headaches often and have enormous dark circles under her eyes, as these are also symptoms of stress.

  3. I actually like the first one more. Something about just clicks with me more. The second one I don’t really like as much though. That boat being front and center just felt so much better than in the remake

  4. I should clarify, when I'm referring to the first scene I like the remake one more. But I do agree with you the art style in the OG is far better than what they're trying to do with the remake, though I don't think the remake looks bad at all.

  5. Yes, I don't think it looks bad either, but the color palette is much more grittier and dull just like in Part 2, it doesn't feel like TLOU to me.

  6. The worst part is the 147 upvotes and the other sheep around "Oh it is! You're right, bro, it is!"

  7. "It's so confusing why people think this sub is homophobic! I'm baffled! You're being so unfair to us!"

  8. There’s nothing in his comment indicating that it was a joke.

  9. You mean, like most of the jokes out there? How do you know when a joke is a joke?

  10. I don't know if it's just me but... don't the animations look kinda off? I mean, they don't look bad, but these hyper realistic models moving in that same clunky way as the ones in the original game is a very strange thing to look at. Maybe it's the uncanny valley shit again.

  11. Lol they talk like Joel is super muscular. Yeah, he's a big guy, but he's just as big as someone who does all the activities and physical exertion that he does throught the game would be, not like some bodybuilder or anything like that.

  12. I agree. The game has absolutely NOTHING SPECIAL (maybe only the visuals), just one more crappy-ass generic indie out there. It's so obvious that the reason behind this sudden massive hype from the mainstream is money.

  13. Oh, boy... what has ND become? Do they really have the guts to sell this at full price? What a bunch of mercenaries, are they starving or something?

  14. The other day I saw someone there celebrating the ridiculous price of the DEMAKE, saying that "such a masterpiece like that, with Part 2 graphics" should be priced even higher...

  15. Eh... I'm indifferent to Uncharted's narrative. The characters are fun and the story is functional, I just don't take it serious, in the same way that no one cares about plot holes in Super Mario, because it's not the type of story to take seriously, unlike The Last of Us.

  16. That’s cuz they didn’t want to make a horror game, it’s a game about relationship between two people

  17. But you're talking about the story. The horror part that he mentioned is a gameplay element.

  18. They’re flaws to you. They’ve had years to make this exactly how they wanted. Appreciate it or GTFO. I came here to collectively enjoy the show, not shit on it because it wasn’t exactly how you wanted it to go. People like you ruin everything.

  19. Okay then, fantard. If you're just going accept every bullshit the writers give you and not even question their insults to your intelligence, you are definitely their target audience.

  20. You thinking they’re insulting you is a delusion of grandeur. They don’t care about you. They’re making content the way they want. Creators aren’t here to serve you and don’t owe you a damn thing. Your petulance is laughable.

  21. Delusion of grandeur? Lol I never said they were insulting me specifically, or that they were here to serve me. The only laughable thing here is your ability to interpret texts.

  22. Why would they change his model again? The Remake has been in the works since 2018, they had already planned to keep the same models for both Part I and Part II.

  23. Just give it a rest with a baseless hatred. You are so cringy

  24. What? Wdym? He agreed that she looks more realistic, he just pointed out that the facial structure is different. How is that supposed to be hatred?

  25. Tess looks way more badass in the original. Notice how her eyes are kind of red and brighter in this scene, it's obvious she's holding back tears, but in the remake there's no sign of tears in her eyes. Not to mention that her expression in the original conveys a lot more emotion, you can feel all her internal conflicts like "What have I become during these 20 years?" and "Was all that I've done worth it?", she's definitely scared and in doubt about many things, but still she swallows all those feelings and stands her ground for one last battle. In the remake, she just looks sad.

  26. Aside from the iris color tone and the brightness, no. The shape and size are the same.

  27. Looking between the two models, I kinda agree that old Ellie and Joel are almost cartoonish in how they look.

  28. Yeah, I know. Some design elements and character physical traits of the first game really did look cartoonish, but to me that's part of what made the game good, it already had a realistic style, but a lot of shots from both gameplay and cutscenes felt like they could also have come straight out of a comic book. As some people have mentioned here, the original has a unique and timeless style. The remake just tries to be as realistic as possible, but it's only a matter of time before a game is released with even more realistic graphics, that is, no matter how realistic the remake is going to be, sooner or later it will end up being outdated.

  29. Where's her tears in the remake, though? Is it just the bad quality of the video? Did anyone see any tears in her eyes?

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