1. NTA it’s your home. They can keep living there for the time being but have to suck it up and have a roommate!

  2. Kim’s dress/hair/make-up/everything to Kanye was just perfect! Khloe also looked super pretty when she married Lamar. Kourtney’s veil was stunning.

  3. It’s minimal for Kylie, but there’s no glow/sheerness to the base at all.

  4. He seems a lovely guy, but the worst MUA for Kylie. He hasn’t updated his style at all so her make-up is looking dated. He does the same look on everyone as well regardless of eye and face shape. Kylie looks better when others do her face. Saying that, the above actually looks better than some of his work! She looks good with the minimal face/natural eye. The lips are actually well executed for what they were going for, even if it’s not to everyone’s taste. If she didn’t overline her cupids bow it would look better.

  5. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3201-Campanil-Dr-Santa-Barbara-CA-93109/15896684_zpid/

  6. While I think it's sticky territory in terms of plagiarism, I think it would be so cool for different designers to take a Lagerfeld piece and remake it in their own style.

  7. I don’t think it would count as plagiarism if it’s obviously been designed to honour Lagerfeld.

  8. I've been saying this for years, but Anna Wintour or whoever else in charge of ogranizing the Met Gala - even the bouncers who are at the door on the night itself, even - need to start getting strict about guests not turning up not dressed in theme. And I mean, proper, "school principal policing the school dress code" strict, because there are far too many guests who are serial offenders of this, yet somehow still manage to blag an invite year after year. Like, you show up on the night and you're not dressed accordingly, then the doormen should straight-up refuse you entry. If you do it again, then you're banned indefinitely - no ifs, no buts. I mean, you have all these resources at your disposal and you're invited to what is essentially one big fancy dress party that's for charity and you still just show up in something you could wear to any other red carpet event? How dull and unimaginative are these people?

  9. 100% agree, this is meant to be a huge fashion event and people turning up in normal gowns need to make more effort.

  10. I thought that when I watched the video - how amazing this would have been on the carpet of the manus x Machina Met Gala. Which many people interpreted to mean they should dress up as robots.

  11. Oh yeah having someone rock up to the Met gala and be sprayed with this would have been an iconic moment for that theme.

  12. Personally I think that Bella has totally surpassed both Gigi and Kendull in her modelling. I think she’d be the only one from nepo models to have a successful modelling career had she not been born into privilege

  13. Absolutely, she might be a nepo baby but she has worked her butt off to learn fashion and the art of modelling. You can tell she takes it very seriously.

  14. That's really useful to know about Dior, thank you. I missed out the word lipstick, but I know not to try their foundations now I guess!

  15. I work for Dior, not true. We make loads of foundation undertones including cool rose/cool which are pink undertoned :) I have zero warmth in my skin (pale ginge here) and have used their foundations for years before even working for them.

  16. We need more glamour/wealth/drama, the Reboot needs to take itself a bit less seriously.

  17. I actually love this look. It’s super dramatic and it’s perfect for the show.

  18. I can’t believe I am commenting on Kylie’s boob at 3 am 🤪—tbh she looks beautiful here, but I just wish they would come clean about all the procedures they’ve done 🤔

  19. Nah there’s so many cheap hostels and hotels you can book a room for. Just deal with somewhere not fancy to crash in for the night.

  20. The vitamin water sponsorship in this episode is so iconic 😭😭😭

  21. They need some placements in the Reboot just for the nostalgia and self-piss taking.

  22. I used the bus for the first time last Saturday to get to work at my new job, it was a no show so I was half n hour late after waiting at the bus stop for 50 mins. Such a joke. I don’t know why they even put them on the stop and app if it isn’t running.

  23. But she’ll do 100000 tic toks/videos/snaps/lives of herself playing with her boobs……Ok…..😂

  24. At this point she’s so deep in that world and doesn’t know anything else, add the pressure from her family it’s probably hard to walk away and start something new!

  25. i will say her legs are to die for. so long and well proportioned to the rest of her body

  26. Massive fluffy fleece hoodie. Won’t be putting the heating on for a while, will be living in this cosy bad boy.

  27. That beats the time I got stuck in a staff stock lift in Boots, on Christmas eve, with just the baby food palettes to keep my company. Fortunatly someone heard the alarm bell otherwise it would have been farley's rusks for Christmas breakfast.

  28. The Boots staff lifts in all their stores feel like they’re about to breakdown any minute.

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