1. Pretentious, irritating, with a severely overinflated sense of self worth? The beats are still around! Go get a fixie, a PBR tall boy, and a trucker hat. Now make sure all you talk about is things that are "pretty obscure" so whoever is trying to leave a conversation with you probably hasn't heard of them, artisanal beard oils, and doing thing ironically.

  2. As was told to me by a friend after he did one of the best routines I have ever seen, "Like told me, you should always carry a note book with you and when you say something that makes the whole room break out laughing, you write it down.". Pretty funny as before the routine I knew he was funny but didn't know he did standup.

  3. War is an arms race. If someone develops powered armor, someone else will develop a gun to shoot through it.

  4. We had one like that as a kid. It ran on fuel oil after being converted from coal. I do not know if that one is running oil or gas.

  5. Once they lay eggs in your walls you will never get rid of them.

  6. A liter or more of vodka is where the magic happens.

  7. A lot of what seems like copy and paste mistakes work, as this seems to be a 12 year old girl telling the story.

  8. Why rifling? You could magnetically spin projectiles couldn't you? Even if the projectile is suspended in the fields you could still spin it.

  9. You do not know your characters. Once you know your characters, the dialog should flow.

  10. I played suck mode until Mervail and decided a loot box was not worth that kind of monotony.

  11. My first joke/routine, that I wrote myself, was in kindergarten.

  12. I also find "Me!" confusing, but I don't believe a 5-year-old is capable of crafting the wordplay in "You sure stumped me!". If you really wrote that in kindergarten, I'll bet your current routine is hilarious!

  13. He is old and thus gray, all his limbs have been removed, so all he has is a head and a trunk.

  14. Kinneson has aged poorly. Dice is the same human shit stain he was back then, that was/is his schtick.

  15. Just do like everyone else, go mercenary and burn out each service before moving to the next.

  16. Filtration and a floucculating agent will speed up clearing the tank. Time will also do it.

  17. Taika Waititi was already a fantastic Hitler in Jojo Rabbit (2019).

  18. The thing that is bad about click bait, is that when people click on it, it just shows it works and people go make more click bait.

  19. Well lets break this down. ALARMING, DEADLY, THREAT, okay 3 emotionally simulating words in the headline. Are you scared yet? So we are probably looking at misinfotainment.

  20. Tell me you hate libraries without telling me you hate libraries.

  21. I bet they do hate libraries. I have never seen a library with self published kindle porn in it, so libraries clearly discriminate against them.

  22. I like how they outright lie to your face. What a bunch of scumbags. You can resell any book you own. You can loan them out if you want. You can even make a back up copy.

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