1. You have to match 20V, you can go higher than 1.6A. the input voltage is a range.

  2. Thank you for the help. Now I'm wondering if I have 20v power supplies that do at least 1.6 amps lying around the house. Like maybe old laptop power supplies?

  3. Most laptop PSUs are 19v now, depending what you're connecting to the end of this, that may be ok.

  4. I was thinking my old (20 years?) Latitude power supply, if I can figure where it might be.

  5. Hmm, I wouldn't have chosen either of those to season cast iron.

  6. It reminds me of the embroidered sparkly jeans a dude at work wore.

  7. No, I just wanted the manifesto. If it is profitable, we can loop back to your biography, which I think will get far more interesting in the future. It isn't like I'm making money selling these to terrorists, so they can release them to cover their own tracks. Now I'm informed there is a "deadline" coming up in a month because the "publisher" has a "major event" planned.

  8. Well as Johnny Pneumonic set the bar, using a Ditch Witch, I'm only moderately worried it will be extremely bad.

  9. Go to a Midwest Lutheran potluck and look around. "Is that pickled herring floating around in that strawberry Jello mold?", "Non-alcoholic butterscotch lime margaritas you say? Sounds like I brought my ipecac for nothing."

  10. Writers like to compete on Juvenilia, the terrible works they wrote when young. If you do not start writing bad stuff now, you will miss out on bonding moments with other authors in a decade or few.

  11. I would juice them and they would be gone in short order. That is probably a gallon of juice? Half a gallon? Man, now I want grapefruit juice.

  12. If I wanted to make money off permaculture I'd just teach classes. That is where the easy money is. Remember in a gold rush you want to be the person selling the shovels and picks not one of the miners. Actually doing permaculture is to feed you not to make money.

  13. Nope. Fast food is made by scientists to be as tasty as possible, while being as profitable as profitable, in a very competitive market. Fast food is amazing. You do not compete with fast food (unless they are ignoring the rules and messing up their own food).

  14. Do you think a 40 gallon breeder is enough room for 3 horse face loaches?

  15. Anyone know where to find larger affordable tanks? Looking for an upgrade for my pleco and any tank that’s large enough is like >2k and I’m having a hard time believing it’s actually worth that price. Alternatively, should I even be looking at tanks, or should I check out a DIY tank (I’ve seen a couple that are like a big wood box with viewing windows, which seems pretty neat).

  16. Craigslist. 125 and below you should be able to get for a buck a gallon or less including extra hardware like lights. If you are patient I usually see 1-2 ~220-300gal tanks free per year. Above 200 you may hit ~2$/gal. Over 1000 are rare, I saw one in the last year and it started at 1$/gal and got raised to 2-4$/gal while they were trying to get rid of the fish in it.

  17. It is very rare that people can get puffs to take regular fish food. Many/most will accept frozen but a few will only accept live.

  18. I have tanks that I pull more than that out of.. each week.

  19. Pull the bullied one out and put it in a different tank.

  20. Fish die all the time.. if you have enough fish. Across my ~25(?) tanks I think I lost a delphax just last week or the week before.

  21. Plant it up. Then go with nano fish or if you have your body weight in pond and bladder snails around your house, I'd consider pea puffs.

  22. Isn't that just a morph of a normal paradise fish? It looks a little like a Neolamprologus brichardi for a second.

  23. I already rises the substrate, and I had to be careful with it because this stuff will fall apart if you aren’t careful

  24. Ah, planted tank substrate? Aquasoil or one of its cheaper competitors?

  25. The issue with hex tanks is they do not allow as much horizontal movement as rectangular tanks. The free 75 gal my neighbor left by the street had about as much horizontal as my 15 gal standard.

  26. Bacteria: Reef tank vs human mouth, which has more? If I had to choose between taking a sip of reef tank and spitting in a reef tank, I'd take the sip, even though both are probably safe.

  27. When I change water in my rack that is in my office I siphon into a pail.

  28. Yeah, I always wonder why people want to buy aquarium herpes. I have micro, medium, and large that has made it into my tanks over the years. The koi likes it. When I'm not feeding it to the koi I'm throwing pounds into my worm bin. Last week I started drying it to see if it works as an additive for mushroom substrate. I haven't tried eating it yet, even though some people say it is a super food.

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