1. Agreed. Every game should let you assign any button to any function.

  2. It does matter when you are spreading false information, even the Switch version runs at 60fps.

  3. Geez you completely misunderstood my point. Hollow knight on ps4 definitely feels slower than 60 fps to me compared to other 60 fps games on the ps5. Still there's this input delay on consoles which is a huge difference if you switch from ps4 to pc. By all means if you want to be in the right, fine, hollow knight runs at 60 fps on ps4. Still doesn't change the fact that it's way easier and faster with less input delay and smoother gameplay on the pc.

  4. Geez it's pretty simple, I'm not sure how hard it is to misunderstand, the game is not 30fps like you claimed.

  5. I'd expect a PC port a year or two further down the line. Rockstar are primarily console developers, as a huge fan it is one of the reasons why I personally prefer console over PC for my gaming.

  6. Amazing games, maybe sell your PC and buy a PS5.

  7. It takes about 2 weeks after launches on PC to get to console. Mainly Xbox, because microdaddy still makes devs pay to have a "safety check" before anything goes up.

  8. It's called a Dead Zone not death zone lol also the game is not popular on console because there is no auto aim full stop.

  9. Yet Rainbow 6 Siege is extremely popular on console and has no aim assist...

  10. The focus and priority is console, as a huge fan this is one of the reasons why I personally prefer console rather than PC for gaming.

  11. People can still play for like 80-100 and enjoy themselves, not everyone classes Rng as content.

  12. The point is you don't need to spend 500+ hours to enjoy these games.

  13. This isn't the first game to not include the feature on PC and it won't be the last. As a huge fan of local co-op it is one of the reasons why I personally prefer console gaming rather than PC.

  14. But that shouldn't be the norm! Just like gamepad support on PC is now a standard feature even though a few years back it was really the exception at least in titles that are best played with mouse / kb and even many console games like CoD can now be played with m/kb on that hardware.

  15. Most games are made for gamepad, it would be strange to not have gamepad support. I just don't think there is a demand for it on PC where most people are at desk in front of a small monitor or even using laptops.

  16. That's understandable. Though one of many reasons to choose pc over console is that it gives you can easily switch input devices back and forth

  17. Playing multiplayer on PC with a controller against m&k players (and hackers) would be putting myself at a strong disadvantage, this along with the fact that 99% of PC exclusives are m&k games means that I am better off with console.

  18. Surely you'd be at a disadvantage. I was speaking more generally, that with a pc you have a lot of options and possibilities to make it suit your needs. In your first comment you made it seem like sitting hunched over a desk, playing with m&k on a small screen was the only way one could play on a pc...

  19. It's pretty simple, I don't enjoy playing games with a m&k, this is one of the reasons why I prefer console rather than PC for my gaming.

  20. Go with Xbox for the extra content and no hackers and modders.

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