1. Occluded finality is the best sniper in the game, wait until banner comes around again and spend your engrams on that.

  2. Autumn wind is the second best pulse in the game right now, and easily obtainable. Look for Rangefinder Headseeker.

  3. That was some of the cleanest, most consistent football I've seen us play in years.

  4. It was like watching an AFL level team play against training cones.

  5. Wow, I didn’t see the saints playing a third qtr like that one

  6. Yup, pretty much all of the trials changes are gonna make the playlist much more approachable for newer players, which in turn will increase the population as a whole.

  7. And let bad players go flawless, I don’t get how this is a good thing? Flawless is supposed to be prestigious

  8. Snipers need range, the range decrease is substantial and makes this perk irrelevant even if it bumps up the AA

  9. Might be a decent player but an absolute scum bag, 0 respect

  10. Four weeks for that Pickett hit, surely. Especially with the concussion legal cases going around.

  11. Dunkley and teams with terrible defence name a better duo

  12. Not enough running over the off season I think Dunkley

  13. Dogs team looks pretty strong across the park, going to be a good match against the Dees

  14. That sucks, wouldn’t loved to go up against a full strength dees to test where we are really at

  15. While Target Lock is good, idk how good it will be on a 720 Auto. They have really deep magazines and since Target Lock functions based on the magazine size, idk if it's gonna affect TTK much.

  16. Are you sure about that? My understanding is target lock is based on the rate of fire, not magazine size

  17. Hey uh, how good is target lock in pvp? Because I got this roll and figured 720s are Garbo in crucible (imo) so I used it as infusion fuel.

  18. 720s are the best auto archetype in pvp. Target lock is S tier as it can fasten the TTK. This auto Is definitely the best pvp auto as the sight is amazing and it’s craftable.

  19. It has the potential to be disgusting but as all ritual playlists you need to be extremely lucky to get a good roll.

  20. It can’t get headseeker though, which arguably is the reason Autumn wind is the best pulse in the game.

  21. Its funny to me that so many people purposefully misunderstand what others say. Good players said that ENDGAME content should be harder. Not the regular strike playlist. They made the regular strike playlist harder and endgame easier. The exact opposite of what people asked for. Thats what is complained about. So if you just dont want to understand that just STFU

  22. Exactly, bungo have always been disconnected to the community in some aspects, but it’s never been this bad.

  23. Day 1’s are supposed to be a tortuous experience lmao. U are going into a new raid with no knowledge of the mechanics.

  24. Well said, the emblem has no value this time around.

  25. It was a challenge, and anyone who completed it should be proud for having done so.

  26. Ehh, the day one contest this time around wasn’t just easier, it was easy. Our team went from day one challenge on vog and kings fall taking 9 hours to 3 hours this time around.

  27. Are you sure about that? Iirc tap the trigger only affects the first bullet

  28. Congrats, even though it’s as easy as a 6 man strike

  29. Master is the pinnacle of difficulty now, simple as.

  30. Contest was made for the raid race to be the pinnacle of pve content, and now it means absolutely nothing to clear it.

  31. Sorry mate. No good Fridays for bulldogs fans.

  32. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse

  33. Fair enough, I hope he gets whatever he wants. Club legend and the whole situation is pretty fucked up

  34. Ah, damn. I see a lot of people are having fun with it. I hope they dont nerf it next season... Thanks for the info!

  35. It currently isn’t doing the +40% damage against minors like other exotics so probs not a bad thing to wait until next szn, hopefully it gets fixed.

  36. You could make the argument Lobb isn’t A grade, and that’s fair enough. But there’s no doubt Liam Jones is, and he looked phenomenal yesterday

  37. You really downvoted me for saying Liam Jones wasn’t the best defender in the league two years ago

  38. I’m basing that on stats, could’ve been 2020 or 21. On paper he was the best.

  39. Bont's left Boot is deadly. The Cripps and Bont debate will still be going until both retire. But they are both so good

  40. Lol, Cripps is a great player but Bont is just in another league

  41. I'll be honest... I kinda like the fact we cant just insta kill the bosses. It always felt lame when they did that, and I truly wish they had health gated Riven like that back in the day, so many people never got to experience that fight because it was just "rockets go brrrr" with a tractor cannon

  42. Difference is riven isn’t a strike we’ve all done 100+ times and want to be in and out as soon as possible

  43. Thats what they get for force feeding us campy dialogue and situations for years on end, instead of stuff with a more serious tone. They don't seem to realize we're only tolerating the campieness. That we want somthing a littlemore serious, with better in game explanations that don't rely on written lore.

  44. It’s not that the dialog is camp, it’s that it’s cringe as fuck

  45. Campy according to the Oxford dictionary means: deliberately behaving in an exaggerated way that some people think is typical of a gay man.

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