1. Because he embodies hope in his fight with beel he never had any il will or malice against Beelzebub

  2. I'm just glad we get a new superman show but Overall well aside from the S symbol It looks good

  3. From the map, it looks like you could take a boat around the north coast of Anima straight to the coast near Mistral, idk why they opted to walk for most of the trip

  4. Oh god I thought meant you rowboat and I thought wouldn't they get there arms tired then I remembered I remembered other boats they probably couldn't afford it

  5. Mercury switching sides because his one of the many idiots that lives on that damn planet

  6. My favorite theory is that the Norse pantheon is plotting to overthrow the Greeks in the tournament with the help of Brunhilde

  7. I don't think they appear even then I think it was just a blur in the massive final battle

  8. My early fan theory was that coco and neo are related that was it now I've gotten into more crazy shit

  9. Would an FPS PR game work? I mean in the Timeforce/SPD timeline they more or less militarized Rangers

  10. It could work with alot of effort but I see power rangers working better as a dmc/Bayonetta game

  11. Nope. Man who started it all hated op ocs and self inserts. Because Self inserts mostly use Jaune as their vessel, he got hit by ricochet

  12. Okay that is more understandable but that still falls in line with the jaune hate

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