1. People are saying it was new-gen ginga because of some themes of the show lol

  2. "Yumigahama's weapon larping sure looks nice... Maybe i should incorporate Quickdraw into my arsenal."

  3. Tbh this reminds me how bad the injury akoya inflicted on murobochi is ???

  4. Yeah, im usually that one guy who runs in a circle at this mission lmao

  5. Bro you can just post an empty GUTS base background and expect us to guess

  6. Wait till at leastbthey finally implemented all the basic content

  7. The dev who made this should be vote kicked from the company /s

  8. Everyday someone reminds me how obeseshark really have amnesia in making VT2; like ngl how come they even forget simple UI related stuff like this

  9. They have 1 Million Members in the space Garrison and apparently only like 20 of them are any good. haha

  10. Ah yeah remember that scene in Z where the "security" fires like 1000 specium beam & ultra slash only for all of em to bounce of genegarg lmao

  11. At least belial does have real feat later on (damaging the ultimate aegis zero)

  12. Yeah, the only build I've enjoyed and felt was strong in damnation was a purgatus one, the trauma staff still feels like ass and I've not had a good surge / voidstrike for a while.

  13. Ngl the main problem with other staffs is the fact they dont synergies with psyker feats as good as purgatus

  14. Does the voidstrike and trauma staff apply a form a warpfire/soulfire whatever its called?

  15. Can you explain please on what happened to tsupro During the showa era I'm not really well verse in alot of company history

  16. Well they got into copyright battle against chaiyo (a thai company that claims they are the creator & real copyright holder of ultraman), then they got scammed in nearly all their attempt on overseas production

  17. Keep it because in the future you would be able to pluck out that adhesive blessing

  18. Me using the voidstrike just because the veteran for most of the time is too busy roleplaying as zealot

  19. I have lost fucking count on the amount of infernus blessing appearing on accatran IN MY PSYKER STORE, like goddamn even using that open from web plug-in to make sure i dont miss it, i never saw any infernus on my veteran

  20. It makes me laugh how they have weapon skins and trinkets etc and he seriously says "it's not CoD" as an excuse for another mechanic. Hahaha

  21. While im not the biggest warhammer loremaster around, i know damn well weapon customization is real big part of 40k, these guys really dont know what they are even talking about

  22. I mean they pretty much saved earth at the last moment, mother is literally seconds away from devouring earth & possibly the universe (since if she ate the earth, she would fully consume eternity core too)

  23. Not going to happen unless they decided to go to neo frontier

  24. Tiga you are the least qualified person for this because you caused 3 separate civil war & genocide thanks to your simping & playboy tendency

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