1. I hate all the flags. Even the rainbow one pisses me off now. It's just used by corporations and to sell stuff.

  2. OMG the pressure to stay positive around people when your life is difficult is diabolical. I want life to be like an old French movie where people just say melancholy shit between cigarette drags and no one accuses them of being toxic.

  3. I don't have any friends or family except for my fiance so I get all my social and emotional interaction at work. I know that's not healthy but I doubt it's changing anytime soon.

  4. Well I certainly was I had everything you described and more. I would guess that most people in the sub are as most people will Google 'obsessive love' or something similar and come across the word limerence and then this sub.

  5. We need to say this to our daughters and then say it again to combat all of the negative things thrown at us telling us that we are less. We are not. You are not.

  6. Mum gave me the opposite message of "grandchildren are all" 🙄 Dad isn't interested in me remotely.

  7. I left this comment elsewhere but feel compelled to post so you’ll see. I just had a baby on my own with a donor. Here’s what you need to do:

  8. I don't have family just one 70 year old Dad. So that rules that out

  9. Definitely would go to an individual counselling. Grief of losing your mum must be debilitating. Was for me. Help in processing would be invaluable!

  10. Debilitating is definitely the right word. I'm also struggling with the fact that she infantilised me for years. (Not a blame thing, she had issues, but it does make things harder)

  11. Those who know, know. They were even visited by writers like Shelley, Byron, and Wordsworth. Anne Lister (HBO Gentleman Jack) even visited then in 1822. People knew what was up lol and I'm so glad that LGBTQ history is being rediscovered to stop the gay erasure that happened.

  12. I'll bet there were plenty of suspicions. "Friend" was just the socially acceptable phrasing. Two unmarried men living together though? Oh hell no.

  13. Your Dad is a complete fuck up. You sound like an incredibly strong person. Get the fuck out of that situation and you'll be a total force of nature. Screw your Grandma guilting you - she can look after him.

  14. Yes I've experienced it. Tbh I think it depends a bit on the limerent. Some people can hide the intensity so it seems more charming, still offputting though when you can tell they don't really know you and are infatuated.

  15. Funniest thing is that you belong in there even if you’re in a cishet relationship, doesn’t mean you are any less bi than if you were single 😂

  16. I hate being bisexual. I'm not out and I'm in a hetero relationship. It is not the best of both worlds but the worst of both. It's so insecurity making to not be able to pick a side in this heavily labelled world.

  17. Don't cheat on your partner. Don't try to get this other woman to cheat. If you are unhappy in your relationship you have ample reason to break up. And having kids will not fix things. You will just end up screwing those kids up if you bring them into a failing relationship.

  18. Nowhere in my post did I say I was going to try and get my coworker to cheat.

  19. You are not a freak. Reframe. Passionate, driven, romantic, creative, imaginative, loyal. Throw some good words in as you work through your process. Theses feelings, maybe not as strong as yours because you are unique are more common than you think. There is an entire sub of us.

  20. I have zero attraction to the idea of dating someone who used to be a man. I don't like men and I don't want to be with someone born male. Am I going to be lynched for having a preference? 🙄

  21. For real, I just can't get over the veiled transphobia that is "feeling misled" by a trans woman not putting herself. That just seems like they don't see trans women as women and want to make sure they don't get misled into thinking otherwise.

  22. I doubt I'd want to date a transwoman. I do see them as women if they pass as one (that is the test whether we like it or not). But they don't have the experiences I'd relate to or am interested in. I don't really like men anymore, which is kind of on me as sexist, and they were biologically one... No one should have to justify why they're not attracted to xyz characteristic be it age, race or gender.

  23. Mackenzie Davis is really beautiful so that's a big compliment to me 😊

  24. I honestly don’t know what to call myself. I was trying to find a way to say masc/femme. Idk if stem was the proper term.

  25. I’m an English, reading writing grammar girl.

  26. And Robert copping off with Jane. He became a very tedious boorish characature towards the end.

  27. lol Thanks, I call those my Wine plot lines. If Julian would like to rescue me from grad school I am 100% ready to do the back story of Cora and Robert after their marriage waiting and learning to fall in love.

  28. Ooh that would be good. Imagine if they'd done that backstory instead of all those tedious Bates episodes.

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