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  1. Some of the tribes in Indian Territory were Confederates and owned slaves. Yes, the boarding school experiment was racist on its face because they wanted to and ultimately failed.

  2. “” Some of the tribes in Indian Territory were Confederates and owned slaves. ””

  3. During the Civil War Haskell fought tribes in Indian Territory.

  4. The largest Bur Oak is in St. George and the largest Black Oak is in Lecompton.

  5. Are those the only two left in Kansas? When I was a kid, my grandma took me to a champion cottonwood several times somewhere out by Wamego (1970s). I vividly remember sitting underneath and having a picnic. I have photos of me standing in front of it. I wish I could remember where it was. I suspect it died years ago but never could find where it was. Nothing to do with Oak trees, but oh well.

  6. There was a champion cottonwood tree near Ozawkie but it died. There is one near Hutchinson and one 45 mi. east of Colby. See the link above.

  7. Also, notice we have had only one tornado in Kansas so far this year. Usually there are several in April and May with an average annual total of 92. They say that Tornado Alley is shifting east.

  8. Sounds like she's doing a great job. Between 1988 and 2014, 47 percent of the high-quality prairie in Douglas County was lost. Some was lost due to development and the rest due to mismanagement. Prairie needs to be burned every three years or hayed to retain its vitality.

  9. There's the Natural History Museum on the KU campus. At one time it was the number destination in Kansas. The nearby Spencer Art Museum is on the top college art museums.

  10. Check out chase County lake. The waterfall is great! Especially with the rain they have been getting around there

  11. Zen Zero is probably the best in town and it has other Asian dishes.

  12. If you take the Latham Trail north from the restrooms you will soon reach some wooded campsites. Spray down for ticks.

  13. I saw him behind Spooner Hall the other evening and he didn't look very well. Kinda mangy.

  14. The official rain gauge is at the airport and they have had about 3.75" the last two days. There is an official flash flood threat tonight.

  15. He killed millions of people through his programs like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. So you can't trust anything he said.

  16. I don't have a stake in this fight, so I'm not up to date on the ordinance.

  17. A Section 8 Housing voucher which requires annual inspections of units.

  18. 52% of Americans report feeling lonely while 47% report their relationships with others are not meaningful. People who are married or living with a partner can also experience lonliness. Playing music in the background can help and as mentioned, going for a walk in nature. I have set days and times to meet friends each week. To make friends go to the same coffeehouse at the same time on the same day and join clubs and organizations.

  19. The Kaw Indians use the word "Kaw" for the name of their tribe. They had many spellings for the word "Kansas" including Konza, Kansa, Kanza and Kaw. It means "People of the Southwind".

  20. Any hints on how to get the most out of BuskerFest? There’s a whole schedule for the stage acts… are those worth trying to catch or do you just head downtown and wander?

  21. Well, the two I always go see are Pogo Fred (who can do backflips on a giant pogo stick) and Voler Thieves of Flight - Aerial Artists. It sounds like Sara Twister - Acrobatic Archery! might be good as well. There is a lot of patter by the performers before they actually do anything and they really work to get you to tip.

  22. Dr. Mary Pat Lange at Lawrence Eye Care on Iowa St. is really experienced and empathetic. I've been going to her for years.

  23. Haven't lived in lawrence for 9 years now, but does the old dude with the "Honk for Hemp" sign still post up on the corner at 11th and Mass by the courthouse?

  24. This says it all: "Winter wheat condition rated 37% very poor, 32% poor." This is due to the exceptional drought and yields might be 10 bushels per acre (vs. an average of 43).

  25. He wants EVERYONE who sometimes votes Democratic to leave the state. Gee, we regularly elect Democratic governors so that would be a majority of voters.

  26. The parade starts at 12:00 noon Saturday. Throughout the weekend Buskerfest will be on and Mass will be closed between 8th & 9th. Go Pogo Fred!

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