1. WTB: Elle King tix for orange peel, either show.

  2. I use it to write and respond to my college discussion post, then run it through grammerly.

  3. Why was this removed. I was saving it to read later

  4. I went out of the country for work and was like wtf is moon place

  5. Free Amazon prime for 6 months which also includes free grub hub plus for the 6 months.

  6. And the answers are in Quizlet if you Google them

  7. Google Starbucks coffee academy, the classes are available there. No need for them to sign you up

  8. More and more isp are installing filtering software that blocks a lot of the sites we all been using for years. Log into your modem software and look for security software.

  9. I run ddwrt router behind a VPN Nothing is being blocked

  10. Ty Video quality seems alot better and found sources

  11. Get you some cushion Grip, shit is game changing

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