1. You don't need a permit to purchase a firearm legally in a lot of places.. why not just say end gun violence.

  2. I once said "I'm going to put a time release manure bomb into your backpack and vaporize your house" which could definitely be pointed to me if that were to happen.

  3. My roommate calls me a psychopath for wearing jeans in August in Florida

  4. 1 cheesburger with lettuce, tomato, onions, and bacon with a medium fry and a chocolate frosty.

  5. Police here are running investigations currently after four labs were discovered. A lot of families were affected but a lot of them jokes that it’s good money

  6. Don't buy everything at once. Start with a simple kit and a stock replica. I have had some friends who went into the game with all the latest equipment costing a bold 2000 euros who ended up selling it for a meager 500 euro's since they couldn't get rid of it.

  7. This really fat annoying kid was messing with this black kid and he yelled "Shut the hell up you overgrown oompa loompa" as everyone was in the class and hallway. Everyone started laughing and they quietly say back down.

  8. Interrupting people when I think I have something important to add to their thought. I really don't mean to, I guess I am just socially awkward. Trying to work on it!

  9. Growing up my entire family always interrupted each other so I thought it was normal. Turns out, super rude. Been working on it for about 2 years now and I still interrupt people.

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